A History of God

For thousands of years people believed in many gods, which is called “Polytheism“, but douring history, god transformed to a single unit – one “real” good instead of many gods was created. This form of religion is called “Monotheism“. But still people believe in “Saints” that kind of replaced the single gods by attaching certain tasks to the saints. They become patriots for certain jobs or areas.

Based on Karen Armstrong’s book, this documentary examines the concept of God in different religions, like in the three major monotheistic religions from the days of Abraham to modern times. Through analysis of historic and holy texts and incorporation of ancient art and artifacts, the film explores the deity written about in the Bible and the Quran. The evolution and intertwining of various Christian, Jewish and Islamic interpretations of God are also addressed in this documentary film about god in different times and religions.

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  1. Really good doc. Oh and the lady who reads parts of the Bible and narrates a little is the oracle from the matrix movie.

  2. Those who wrote the Holy Scriptures knew the absolute necessity demanded by the Truth, lying destroys the ability to respond to the divine/ A good and honest heart is required. which has the Royal Law written in the soul, this ability given to all, to respond to God must be maintained. Lying covers over our ears to hear and eyes to see. That said, your departure from the Nativity narrative is an invention picked out of your whatever. You cannot know, if your right, you were not there, and those who wrote were. These proved the spiritual power of God in themselves, by conquering the hideous Roman empire. What have you done lately?

  3. Akhenaten ,you would find was the first monotheist,not abraham ,egypt (kemet) is the origin of all abrahamic faiths.

  4. A good history of people’s perception of God changes throughout the Bible and the Qu’ran.

  5. @Kim, in what way? I thought it was pretty good, it represents the topic of religion fairly objectively and I can’t complain about the execution.

  6. In English language word sometimes not clear and sometimes there is no knowledge enough to say the right word. we must know the substance of God and his adjective. substance ever human can figure, because he is the creator, car never understand its creator. Human too small to know the one who create not just galaxy but whole universe that we can not even know when it made, imagine six more sky on top of it. but the adjective ( the face ) understandable, because we have been created to reflect his adjective with our mirror that installed inside us, like he is kind, so we can be kind,Gracious, so we can be gracious, and many other the same except the substance and his in dependency, in other way to say is human is only two years younger then God. 

  7. this is the worst doco ever

  8. The only question I have is since GOD is unconformable and not quantifiable how is that the scholars of religion say that their god is supreme and their path is the right or just path and the rest are wrong. Monotheism is not the manifestation of god but our interpretation of what god conforms to our beliefs and ideas. In the same line polytheism is not the end either. I believe that God or the path of God is an approach that is individualistic and different from person to person. But one thing that we as Humans must remember is that since all religions do state that GOD created all forms of life and other things known and unknown, is it not WRONG to consider We Humans to be the closest to GOD.

  9. Very good documentary. However, the main focus is the “Bible’s” History of God. I believe the last 15 minutes it touches on the Koran. Most information is simply taken directly from the Bible. Other than that, it was pretty unbiased (except for only using the Bible) and very well put together and organized. Thanks for the the contribution!