A Life in Japan

Japan through foreign eyes. Interviews with nineteen foreign residents in Japan. Personal experiences and opinions, both the good and the bad stuff.

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  1. When I lived there I saw how foreigners were treated for 2 week stays versus long term. When Gaijin is there for a few days up to about 2 weeks there is a facade of how things work, what they are told and promised. After a month the veil slips a bit and you see more of the real Japan and Japanese. After 6 months you’re on the inside and you find yourself treating short term visitors the same way.

  2. Interesting foreigner insights, but it would have been nice to have more Asian-descent, black or other non-white foreigners interviewed for this documentary. I lived in Yotsukaido, Chiba as a JET teacher from 2001-4, and our interaction often had other reactions from Japanese people. As minority members in our own countries, we often looked at Japan in a somewhat different way.

    • so…. you think you are Special?….so does every other people…make you own film….and stay in you own movie

  3. I needed to take the film off line to re-edit it but the documentary should be online again in late December.
    Why it’s taking this long is because a band in Japan is going to compose new original music and it will take a couple of months, and I have an opportunity to shoot them later this year when I’m in Japan.

  4. why was this removed dose anyone know who the poster is on youtube

  5. I found the people that were interviewed to be quite interesting, which is probably because they are more adventurous than most. I don’t think I could move from home country easily.

  6. love that 161 people like watching weird guys get off on pretty asain girls…clearly DH has a great demographic….

  7. No matter where you live you only live on the SKIN of the country. The US is founded and governed by Freemasonery and yet we fools think it’s a Christian/Judeo country.
    Even some high ranking officials, including presidents, are just puppets on a string.

  8. This was my first experience of Japan other than what I learned from WW11 and the Nanking thing. The Japanese Triad I have met in HK though circa 1997 and there have been the cases of white European escorts or students being murdered. A huge porn industry underpins the economy as with elsewhere. Post Fukishima, we had reports at how orderly and calm the population were; almost sleepwalking. The facile face of happy slavery: if there is no reference point for a concept, it simply doesn’t exists.

    • The Traid are from China and Japan has Yakuza … and I highly doubt there are any Yakuza operating in Hong Kong… I also would say that the Consumer Technology market and other things such as COMMERCIAL FISHING  are really the backbone of Japans GDP and the majority of the porn industry in Japan stays in-country and a minute selection compared to what’s available is actually sent to the west. And to touch on your comment about their orderly way of life . I’d say reflect on how happy you truly are in the place you live and the way you as a person have matured. and think of how they may feel… You say rebel but. you must in some way dislike your way of life. they could yet choose not too and are undeniably one of the most proud and culturally sound nations on earth … even after having nuclear weapons dropped on them.

  9. The spelling on the subtitles was absolutely horrid.

  10. I apologise.. The second half provided the balance I was looking for.. I guess I should have watched all of it before making my comments )

  11. OK, I only saw half of it when I wrote that comment and there a few negatives so at least that’s better than nothing )

  12. A bit of a propaganda film in my opinion.. Made by Japanese interviewing people to reflect how they want people to think about Japan.

    Yes, Japan has many positives.. but this video is very biased. There are plenty of negatives too.. And comparing Western countries to Japan – making it look like Western countries are terrible places is just not true.. In many ways Western countries have a lot of positives in comparison. People in Western countries are not workaholics for example. If someone in a Western country doesn’t like you, they will show it but in Japan they can secretly not like you or be racist and they will still be polite to you.. Not everything is rosy..

    I only say these things, not to knowck Japan but there needs to be a balance…

    It would have been better to talk about some of the negatives too.. The racism, the blind obedience to rules, the non teaching of history that doesn’t reflect Japan in a good light for example…

    I lived in Japan and had both good and bad experiences.. It’s important to be real about it..

    Anyone else agree?

    • The second half or more of the film is about negative aspects of Japanese culture, politics and customs. It’s really quite interesting.

  13. The intention was to show what foreigners living in Japan think about it. Their personal experiences and opinions.

    • Hey, Great Film and thank you for sharing. Who is the Aussie guy / Auction Agent. Wouldn’t mind his contact details. And the name of the band and song if I can buy it on iTunes.
      I would be interested to hear all these questions asked to Japanese people to get the true opinions in comparison.
      Thanks again. Great documentary.

  14. Trying to understand Japanese culture by interviewing “searching” expats is like trying to understand any country by interviewing their dogs on the street. Okay, this video, is simple, and it’s extremely limited in it’s revelations about Japanese culture. Japanese girls are easy….talk to foreigners…Santa Claus…WTF!? The REAL Japanese culture lies deep within the power elite, gov’t/corporations/World Bank/WTI…etc. Same as ALL western cultures….WAKE UP. My bike won’t get stolen…..and?

  15. Japan is in such decline that it can only mirror the United States, which it has always been doing since the 1950’s. How pathetic are the youth of Japan, generally speaking of course. Just like the youth in all developed countries….LOST on greed and low self esteem. More the pity.

  16. WOW

    what a beautiful film

  17. Japan is awsome, but i could never live there. I love weed to much :]

  18. Holy sh…
    at 41:13
    that is my neighborhood!!!
    literally a 20 second walk away from my apartment building!!!

  19. this is where i live!
    9th year…
    keep it coming!!!

  20. Excellent taste in porn