A Murder of Crows

Although cultures around the world may regard the crow as a scavenger, bad omen, or nuisance, this bad reputation might overshadow what could be regarded as the crow’s most striking characteristic – its intelligence. New research indicates that crows are among the brightest animals in the world. A Murder of Crows brings you these so-called feathered apes, as you have never seen them before.

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  1. My interests were piqued by the title & synopsis of this video, but after clicking the play button I was disappointed to find out that the video “does not exist” ):

  2. The Video does not exist anymore…: thanks for your good service!

  3. Crows rock. Excellent documentary. I have a bit of a problem with their deductions from the experiment, tho… there is no way to prove that the reason that the crow was scolding him wasn’t simply because he was making an obvious attempt at getting it’s attention. If you put on a scary mask and started walking circles around me, I’d have something to say about it as well. The method that he used at the end of the experiment pretty-much ruined the experiment… the crow should have picked up on him within the first few moments, but he continued to force his presence upon it. He needs to find another method if he wishes to prove some kind of passed on information.

  4. A lot of the experiments in this documentary seem to be animated, so its hard for me to take the documentary serious, not because i don´t believe crows are intelligent, but because it in a way seems like they are trying to fool me. If they were so unlucky to loose the filming from the actual experiment, they should be honest with their audience and say so when they show the re-inaction. Also the the overdramatic voice seems to be of a person who don´t really know anything about the subject, like she´s reading from a children’s book.

  5. loved this film !! who knew Crows were so .. so sad about white wing …the “funerals” are too creepy …but evolutionary a super cool way

  6. A wonderful program. I planned to watch a little, very late at night, but had to see the whole 53 minutes. I will think of crows differently and realise that that the world reflects us back to ourselves in so many ways. Watch, wonder and learn. Fabulous

  7. omg!! Amazing i personally don’t like those black birds, but now i totally see them differently i just learned something about them and i kind of like them now. They are smart wow… 🙂

  8. Hey girls! Seems that it is proven that the Crow the most intelligent of birds but does not have the largest brain. Like we knew, all the while. Much smarter than ‘parrots’ bigger brains for repeating commands/obeying orders.

    Yes, man evolved from using rocks as tools to crack other rocks? Well, I reckon the first thing man did with a rock was to smash it into another man’s head. Creating the first psychopathic lunatic, who went on a rampage of rape, breeding a whole horde of psychopaths of the same family line. The rock on the head business has become much more sophisticated, but works much the same as it ever did. These psychos went on to become Kings and Queens, Philosphers, Scientists, Popes, Inquisitioners, Barbarian Pyrates, Bankers, and Media Moguls.

    These same military scientists which devise brain destroying mind bending medications, then present this show as proof of equatable animals intelligence with humans and their ape ‘brothers’. In truth, the majority of humanity have had their basic instincts managed and diverted away from what all natural creatures still posess.

    At 21:53 comes the startling revelation that extended families produce more intelligent offspring through co-operative care. That’s how mankind has done it since the beginning until Psychopaths devised strategies to scavenge, manage then control people’s lives through terror based campaigns. Few people, apart form the Elites, know of their family lineage or history. Ours is under lock and key.

    Male and Female monogomous pairing for life in a community of known and trusted extended family. Yes, nature works. We are becoming extinct through psychopolitical scientific genocide. Most of us are producing sterile offspring and what hasn’t been done pre formation is done via injection and microwaves during pregnancy and a whole raft of mind destroying toxins thereafter. Do we think it makes a difference to how intelligent we are?

    How intelligent is it, when we do not guard our young and community from predators? Instead we pay then, respect and honour them, live and die for them and give our precious young to them, demanding they be ‘educated’ and provided for by the state, who is all too happy to oblige. We fee our young straight into the jaws of a crocodile without so much as thought or question.

    Homeschooling and anti-vaccination anyone? This is heading for a global Hitchcockian thriller in real time. They can be trained and implanted to attack specific characteristics, just like any other animal but the easiest to control and most lethal now is man himself hell bent on being led to the recycling plant. Then they blow the recognition experiment by terrorising the birds, so they don’t need any masks, they will be remembered and avoided.

    Instead of realising the obvious ‘like hey, we’ve cut down all the trees, the birds will nest on our power generators because we’ve destroyed their habitat’ so lets replace or build alternatives to that which we’ve stolen, no just demolish the nests and wait for it to start all over again.

    perhaps, even affection says the voiceover on crow grooming. obviously affection. more like devotion. scientists claim to find surprise that empathy is not an ‘inconvenience’ or peculiar trait within mankind alone but runs through nature as a means of collective and individual self defense. Rather high loss rate what? Out of a 50/50 chance of survival, these guys have lost 4 out of 5. So early trauma lessens survival rate. And it is likely that crows are superconscious of focus on them from any potential predator. Soon worms will be smarter than humans if these slugs get their way.

    And human mums used to stay home with their children until they were 5 year old; before ‘women’s right to work’ which left them no better off, but having to pay taxes, childcare costs and missed bonding, growing and learning. The state want them young and younger still. Yet they put out these programmes as if it’s all a new discovery like ‘jeez we might be doing it all wrong’.

  9. I enjoy watching them ‘strut their stuff’ – they are so officious yet clumsy in their gait; they speak of untold history and secrets of man’s most fowl nature – they are not to be fooled, nor tampered with. Unfortunately these nature programmes deduce their knowledge more often under laboratory conditions than in the wild surburban cages in which we live, under serveillance. Fitted with transmitters and cameras, crows make the perfect spies.

    Even the birds can see freaks of nature as a threat, whilst we ‘superior’ humans give them awards, honours, respect and money. The birds are calling but no-one’s home. I wonder what else they may be using to facilitate recognition other than obviously gross and unatural masks.

    Hey guys, they work for us! Look at all this lovely grub. Isn’t it stunning to realise that the crows have honoured what we threw away long ago; survival instinct of the specie. Look at the psychotic military leaders in all spheres of activity throughout history, and we find then as now a complete nonchalance in placing millions of humans in continual peril and loss of life for no other reason that they enjoy it.

    But then, crows know of no religon or economic systems, are free from ideological insanities and are therefore free to think and see clearly; acting in their best interests one and all. Aware of the high mortality rate, each life is precious. Mankind, how far have we fallen? The wildlife and nature, conservation and ecological documentaries are funded by the very scientists creating freaks and blowing up the environment. The more they know, the more harm they do. And wall street rises on regardless.

    How stupid is that question: do adult crows pass on information to thier young? This is what we pay these idiots to do, question what should be obvious to a child. The only species which has lost this intergenerational library of history and knowledge is ours. Or rather, a primal throwback retarded tribe have contrived through endless warfare on the general population to break those connections and ‘educate’ them that they were descendants of apes. It may well be the case that genetic cross hybridisation has produced many freaks within their military labs, as they mix and match to produce the most exotic, ferocious or docile blends.

    Meanwhile, we’re so divorced from our nature, the natural world and our ancestors, we become like children, easy to manipulate, abuse and destroy. We are the crows, ‘they’ are the hawks.

    There we go, at 12:40 it’s out that The DoD are sponsoring the study. Just another day of turning nature against man. Klutzheads.

  10. Crows sometimes attack people ,it happened to me when I was walking my dog in the park ,when a crow dove on my head , it was like a nail had entered my brain . Another thing that happens in spring is that people sometimes pick up fledglings that have fallen from the nest , after that large groups of crows will attack the person whenever he leaves the house ,which can go on for a long time . I saw a case on TV that was so bad that a man who had picked up a fledgling could`nt leave his home for a long time,there were always crows waiting to attack him whenever he stepped outside . the police tried to help by shooting the crows but were not very succesfull .But it is still my favorite bird !

  11. @ciucinciu

    i don’t think so as they are not ascending and it doesn’t explain all the social chatter either.

  12. tampontea, those wide circles are they method to gain altitude for migration, they find a warm up draft and spiral upwards. they do that in the autumn don’t they? (i loled at your name)

  13. i watch the very same river. many of them stop and sit above the SilverCity theatre sign @ Metrotown before calling it a night…

    as intelligent as they are, their morning cawing drives me nuts and is one of the reasons why i can’t sleep with my bedroom window open.

    also, no one has mentioned their practice of flying in a wide circle and cawing loudly with each other. this is different than an alert or danger signal. it seems to be a very social deal with every new bird joining this circle “checking in” to the group. i always stop and watch this occurrence.

  14. They never fail to amaze me!

    I loved watching what I called The Black River in the Sky. It was the evening trail of crows from downtown Vancouver, heading to their roosts in Deer Lake Park.


    Sometimes some of them would land on the studio roofs to gab and gossip w/ their friends before jumping up to join the River.

    (Respects the crow)

  15. When I was visiting my Mom eight months before she died, a murder of crows flew onto the 1/2 acre of land in her front yard. It literally turned the ground black. I’ve never seen this occurrence before or since then. I said “somebody is going to die”, I sure didn’t think it would be her. Weird.

  16. Yes! But ask them to work out integration of several variables! Can they do that? eh? eh? Didn’t think so . . .

  17. Damn nature… you scary smart!

  18. crows scare the shit out of me!

  19. Incredible study of an amazing bird. Being called a”Bird Brain” could be considered a compliment after watching this documentary. Crows have always been one of my favourite birds and I’ve been so impressed at how smart they are. Any scarecrow will tell you how difficult they are to fool, and so will the farmers too. This was an excellent documentary and thoroughly enjoyable…thank you Documentary Heaven!