A New Way To See Food

It’s the Food that Matters! In this documentary film we see how the food we eat makes us either healthy or sick.

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  10. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  11. This is really great…

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  13. What that doctor said was rubbish.

    You want Vitamins, then get it from your Food not pills.

    • I agree with you a little bit. People can barely eat healthy foods every day of their lives, much less eat foods with a diverse amount of vitamins and nutrients. How often do you eat foods with getting acceptable amounts of nutrients in mind

  14. The best movie I ever watched I know what you’re saying
    you are so right. It’s about money for the druggiest big kick back for all they don’t care
    if you live or die Just make the money. I’ve watched this movie three times . and I’m sure I’ve told a hundred people about food matters

    I started taking 4000 mg of vitamins C a day never felt better, I’m sleeping good at night
    off all sleeping pills, and nerve pills If I could find a way to get off blood thinners and all Doctor drugs I sure would. they took me off rat poison, and give me paradox for H fib and I’m sure I could have taken a vitamin one day I’ll find a way to get off all Drugs

    Thank you so much I’ve learned so much from your movie

  15. At the end of the day, like any system found in nature, our bodies need the right balance to work properly. All of these documentaries on food are attempting to point out that factory farming, food manufacturing industry and many other industries involved in the process of providing us food do not care about our health and care about making money. Thus, processed foods, packaged foods and with gmos even whole foods include all kinds of unhealthy and poisonous things that can harm our bodies. Whether you trust government or not, agencies or not, doctors or not…it is not their responsibility to ensure your health. It is your responsibility.

    Being informed of what your body requires does not make u a hippy, conspiracy theorist or crazy in any way. Making the decision to feed your body fuel that does not induce side effects or cause disease is not crazy. Understanding the ties of food additives, food processing, bioengineering food through injecting viruses and unstable dna (aka gmo) and their relationship to deadly chemicals, diseases, and our bodies is called being educated.

    Would you feed your dog fish food? If you know that an animal with a less complex biological system requires a good balance of nutrients found in food designed for them, why is it so hard to understand our bodies require just as much care and thought? I suggest before you belittle people, or their ideas, you first try and expand your thought process, research and make sure that all these “facts” that you know are just that “facts” and you are not just regurgitating what you heard on fox news or Dr. Oz.

    If you object to eating things that dont harm you, please feel free to continue slowly killing yourself by eating poison. As for others who feel that they want to live a life where what they eat conditions their body so that they are less prone to disease, posses stronger and more resilient bodies, minds and biological systems…how does this harm you? Why must you belittle people who disagree with how you see things? For all this talk, have any of you doubters even tried eating a whole foods diets? I didnt think so.

    Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

    You laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at you because you are all the same.- Shiv out:)

  16. All I see are a bunch of people writing condescending, insulting comments to each other — with a few good opinions/facts in between. It is exhausting to siphon through the nonsense and glean a few good comments.


  18. man, I cant believe all the people on here defending genetically modified food! Wow. You guys are absolute morons. Sorry, but may you rest in piece! Stupidity is run rampant in western society!! GMO’s are good for you. My god, help us all. 

  19. I’m not sure who any of these people are, but then again I haven’t looked them up yet. but it does make sense to me as they keep repeating you are what you eat, if you don’t provide yourself with the correct nutrients how do you expect your body to over come trauma? 

    A member of my family had bowel cancer and she took this kind of advice to aid the treatment the hospital  gave her, the hospital played along with it and so did i not expecting any results, so for 3 months before the treatment started she loaded herself on fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of fish and took supplements, made sure she was active and fit. then before the treatment started the doctors realised the cancer had shrunk and which in turn reduced the amount of treatment she needed. by all means she did not come out the otherside  un scathed, but she left hospital quickly and was back on her feet and pushing on with her life well before the recovery period was due to finish it was amazing.

    more people need to know about this sort of thing! 

  20. I was diagnosed with cancer.
    Since last year January I canged my eating habits. Since than I only eat organic raw food.
    Before Christmas my Doctor told me I am cured. He could not find a medical explanation. Well I now what safed my life. The organic raw food.
    Argue with that.

  21. I was diagnosed with cancer.
    Since last year January I canged my eating habits. Since than I only eat organic raw food.
    Before Christmas my Doctor told me I am cured. He could not find a medical explanation. Well I now what safed my life. The organic raw food.
    Argue with that.

  22. I was diagnosed with cancer.
    Since last year January I canged my eating habits. Since than I only eat organic raw food.
    Before Christmas my Doctor told me I am cured. He could not find a medical explanation. Well I now what safed my life. The organic raw food.
    Argue with that.

  23. I was diagnosed with cancer.
    Since last year January I canged my eating habits. Since than I only eat organic raw food.
    Before Christmas my Doctor told me I am cured. He could not find a medical explanation. Well I now what safed my life. The organic raw food.
    Argue with that.

    • It’s the ones who are not willing to step outside what they know that suffer from their ignorance in the end, even though they can laugh about things they don’t have a clue or rationalize everything with their belief. I guess it’s not just the diet we need to change, it’s the mind, and that takes a humble attitude to accept new knowledge, especially not promoted by the main stream. For me, it took years to discover what I was told – how education, money, diet, thinking, the whole system works – may not serve the benefits of the people. I am glad that I took that step in the first place to be skeptical and to educate myself. Once I started, there’s no looking back. 

      Congrats on your amazing achievement and the courage to find the cure for yourself (in today’s society, that’s not an easy thing to do), thanks for sharing…

  24. This has GOT to be Scientology…

  25. This has GOT to be Scientology…

  26. I do not know enough about this subject to comment from any position of expertise i’m just letting people know about my personal experience with raw food and juicing raw fruit and vegetables . Last year I picked up a book about juicing fruit and veg and eating whole foods , after reading the book I decided to change my eating habits and follow the suggestions in the book. The reason I did this was that I felt groggy and had an expanding waistline despite exercising regularly , my previous diet consisted of eating anything I wanted . When I embarked on this course my bodyweight was 184 lbs and wore 36inch waist jeans . Weightloss wasn’t my goal I just wanted to feel better so at no time did I go without food when I was hungry .

    After 3 months of juicing fruit and veg and eating brown rice ,salads ,fish and plenty of vegatables I felt absolutely great . In the morning I could now jump out of bed feeling awake from the word go where before I was sluggish and it took me a couple of hours to feel ok . My bodyweight is had dropped to 168 pounds and I now wear 32 inch waist jeans .

    I continue to eat this way and no longer crave the foods that I previously ate . I wasn’t ill as such I just didn’t feel that great , I will never return to my previous way of eating and I wholeheartedly recommend that if you felt like me you at least consider this type of diet.

  27. There is no way 12 bowel movements a day is healthy. Sorry, I refuse to believe that.

  28. This guy is saying that putting an artificial heart into a person who can’t live without it isn’t helping that person…

    Is he completely stupid?

  29. These ideas worked really well for Steve Jobs.

    oh wait…

  30. Thank you! Great and inspiring film!

  31. this is brilliant…..

  32. Oh and another thing, eating TOO MANY vitamins is not good for you, you don’t even need science to prove it (even though there is studies on it) it’s just f-ing common sense. Just as not getting enough vitamins is not good for you either. No one said vitamins are bad for you. These people just seem to not understand anything.

    • It depends on which vitamins you consume in excess. There are two types: water-soluble and fat-soluble. There is virtually no harm in consuming high levels of water-soluble vitamins. They simply get flushed out of your system if you consume then in excess. 

    • There are some vitamins, ,like A, which you can have too much of… but most are water soluble and harmless even at high doses…

  33. Very quickly i hear this is not a scientific documentary, these quacks talk a lot in circles, keep repeating the same thing since they do not understand science and cannot use scientific terms or proof. It’s also common sense, yes you should eat healthy, but gene modified food actually is very good, it has improved the ability of crops growing in harsh climates helping people in poor countries etc. Yet these people talk about it like it’s poison, out of ignorance. Just as modern medicine is improved and refined versions of old alternative medicine which while it made you better in one way could give you other healthproblems. Learn science and learn to trust it. Cooked food does remove some of the nutrients in the vegetables but it doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy or bad for you. I only watched 12 mins, i’m sure i will go on another rant in a bit.

    • Next time make sure you watch the whole thing before you comment – instead of dipping in for 12 minutes.

      You might as well imagine that we might (and likely will) go towards this paradigm – of self awareness anew.

    • GMO foods eliminate crop varieties, a genocide of planet species. The science you are talking about, or you were told, is heavily funded by food companies, from the university researchers to businesses whose livelihood depend on promoting GMOs, is this the science you are talking about?

      Like drug industry, it takes many many years for the problem to surface since people don’t die right after they eat! After 20 years, food companies already made their money and will eventually ban certain foods and promote something new…but by that time, some of us already paid the price being sick or dead, just look at the drugs and chemicals that used to be safe and good (DDT, etc.) 

      Below is a video from a farmer’s perspective if you really want to understand about the risks of GMO products.

      And if that farmer is too red-neck for you, here’s a scientist who has worked on GMO study probably for longer than any other in the country.

    • I do not have a stance on GMO’S based on evidence, because there have been no conclusive studies completed testing the safety of them.
      I am, however, aware of the environmental depletion that GMO’s cause. They are a main factor contributing to soil toxicity and fertility depletion, as well as superbugs/viruses/pests, superweeds, soil pollution, seed extinction, animal/plant invasions, and they have poisons killing mammals and necessary insect life.
      Lastly, they allow the production of cash crop agriculture – decreasing biodiversity and soil fertility – which in the long run is not beneficial to ANY developing nations, and more importantly, the planet.

    • The simple fact is that there has NEVER been a single study done with humans on the safety of genetically modified food, and ALL of the studies that were done with animals (which are very few and far between) raised serious concerns about the safety of these ‘foods’.  Your above post simply demonstrates your lack of knowledge on the subject and your willingness to swallow the propaganda of the biotech companies.  GM food is ‘helping people in poor countries’???  Are you actually serious?  Do you think corporations that develop terminator seeds (do you even know what those are?) are trying to HELP people??  In fact consistently farmers report that not only do GM crops fail to show greater yields and more resistance to disease, but year after year they require more and more pesticides, NOT less pesticides as the biotech companies advertise.  Please, if you regard science so highly then you ought to do your research more thoroughly as you obviously don’t know the slightest thing about GM food.

  34. um… so did he just sight a study that concluded that a differences of 2% (cooked vs not cooked) of your diet will trigger the building of wight blood cells, with no explanation why. then throw in the buzz word “super food”. throw in all natural minerals. minerals are all was the same. and i would rather spend my money on charity.

  35. so – let me get this straight – we are using up the soil and the earth so our food is deficient and we don’t live as long.  SO the solution is to make better food so people live longer and need more food and deplete the earth faster.  

    I JUST watched a docu about exponential growth and population… making people healthier doesn’t solve the problem of earth depletion (which is why we need fertilizers, and pesticides, to make the earth produce more for more people), it makes it worse.  these guys will never admit that the issue isn’t pesticides and soil erosion, it’s over population.  if we didn’t need tons of chicken meat and soy products a year we could easily have the space to free range and grow them organically, as an example.

    and leukocytosis because of cooked food is BS.  it’s raw foodie propaganda and junk science.  ^^ 

    • Making better food does not entail depleting the earth faster, stating such a thing clearly demonstrates ignorance with regards to Permaculture/Organic/Biodynamic farming as opposed to Factory/Conventional/Monoculture farming.  We do not need chemical fertilizers and pesticides to ‘make the earth produce more for more people’- we need them to keep big agribusiness in profit and bulging at the belly.

  36. guys you should watch the documentary ( forks over knives) is the most compelling documentary about health so far. here is the link

    • Forks over knives is about as useful as the China Study. You can’t take a poor diet containing processed foods and garbage, as well as poor sources of meats and then determine that sickness from such a diet is directly related to animal protein. Show me the study that takes an optimal healthy diet without processed foods, without chemicals, without, sugars and candies etc that only contains a moderate amount of animal proteins from healthy local sources- and in turn link THAT to disease. Good luck. 

      • The China study took into account almost 400 dietary variables.  You don’t think processed food, sugars etc. were among those?  Please.  Besides, if you were listening you’d know the vast majority of participants were from rural areas in China- places where in the 70s and 80s I doubt you’d have found a lot of processed foods to be honest!!  The China study was the most comprehensive one ever done on the subject, to suggest the conclusions are anything other than scientific demonstrates lack of understanding at best, and holding your hands over your ears while shouting loudly at worst.

        • Lol. Another “science” based “research” BOOK – not subjected to peer-reviewed double blind trialling – claiming to be science. THIS>IS>NOT>SCIENCE. I doubt you understand anything about science, save the bits and pieces that support your psychologically driven position. If you did understand science, you would understand that this “book” does not even pass the first basic principles of scientific literature. Furthermore, I note the author pimps the sale of his book everywhere – I find it quite funny that you accuse other scientists and drug companies of doing the same thing – but only if you dont agree with them. For example, most of you people totally ignore the concept of genetically derived disease, and pretend these issues can be fixed with your magic diets. The fact is, in controlled amounts of 100-200g a day, lean animal proteins are extremely good for you. The longest lived cultures on earth eat lots of fish and steamed rice, while the second most eats lots of beef/lamb, olive oil and cooked tomatos. Stop pretending you understand human biology and nutrition requirements. The reason nutrition is not a science as such, is because it is relatively easy to understand, and easy to achieve (unless you are terribly poor).

          • Hmm… as this doc goes on, I do admit; it seems to be preaching about buying superfoods, which many of are sold by David Wolfe and are quite expensive.
            I don’t think superfoods are necessary, we’ve been surviving on cooked meat and bread for thousands of years (of course it was as organic and local as you could get it since there was no other option). We all just need to eat more organic, local whole foods. It’s that simple. 

          • Have you read the China Study? It is a completely peer-reviewed book, and mostly founded on double-blind procedures… 
            I think the main point being made here is that WHOLE FOODS are the most important. Even though I don’t eat meat, I agree with free-range, organically raised meat for others. You’re right; we have been omnivores since our near creation. It allowed us to reach the height of our current intelligence.
            However, our ancestors did not thrive on factory-farmed beef pumped full of antibiotics and hormones, infected with fungus and fecal matter. That and the meat our ancestors enjoyed are two totally different substances.

          • Don’t you realize The China Study is actually based on a scientific study that was carried out over years with MILLIONS of participants?  That these participants were specifically chosen due to their genetics being extremely similar but their diets and environments being different?  That it took YEARS to analyze all this data?  What if I told you that I have far more training in nutrition that your average doctor?  Genetically derived disease is a dead end, any biologist worth their salt knows that genes express themselves according to their ENVIRONMENT, therefore to suggest a genetic basis of disease without taking into account the biochemical environment in which the gene expresses itself is totally incomplete at best, and quite ignorant at worst.  Countless ‘incurable’ and ‘genetic’ diseases have been CURED and REVERSED simply through diet alone- I don’t need scientific literature to approve that statement- I’ve seen it with my own eyes time and time again.  If you think (good) nutrition is easy to achieve, that simply demonstrates your lack of understanding. I have studied nutrition for over 6 years- I don’t say that lightly.  The real reason nutrition is not seen as a science is that big pharma knows if doctors understood this they would be out of business pretty quick.  

          • You see, you need to learn about types of research studies, and what conclusions can be drawn from what. One has to remember the China Studies are observational epidemiological studies, correlations. By definition, “Correlation does not imply causation”. You might want to check out the limitations chapter. And I advocate a plant-based diet for ethical reasons, and indeed it can be a very healthy diet when well-balanced. But i don’t quote the China Study as my reason for doing it, as that is just ignorance. The worst kind of ignorance is that which claims medical doctors and healthcare professionals to have big pharma at the heart of their desires – it shows a lack of common sense and a sheep-like vulnerability to brain-washing from alternative quacky sources. 

  37. Did they ever specify how high a dose they are talking about?


    In a study of 161,808 women who were part of the government-funded
    Women’s Health Initiative research effort, doctors from 40 centers
    around the country collected data on multivitamin use.

    “We thought there could be a modestly reduced risk, but there is
    nothing. There is no helpful benefit, but they’re not hurting either.”

    • Apart from which, many multivitamin supplements include nutrients of identical electron valencies which “compete” for absorption and uptake… therefore cancelling each other out and making them largely useless.  Just because a nutrient is in a pill doesn’t mean that the entire amount is going to be absorbed into your system.  It depends entirely on the individual, which is why double-blind, randomised studies are virtually impossible to conduct as no two humans have identical digestive and absorptive mechanisms.

    • Did you not watch/listen to this documentary? They are talking about SPECIFIC vitamins in high doses to cure/reduce certain ailments and diseases, not just talking about taking a generic multivitamin. 

  39. Another quacky documentary pushing the myth that science based medicine doesn’t support or advise good nutrition. Full of dubious “scientific” claims, and riddled with influences from 19th century “vitalism”. The unspoken assertion that “they” are trying to keep us sick so “they” can sell us drugs etc. 

    Intro “Heart disease and cancer are the top 2 killers in the US annually” – without mentioning that the fact is that mortality from both of these have actually dropped, people live longer after diagnosis etc etc.Health is important. Nutrition is important. Where are the documentaries about this subject, not made by psuedo-scientists?

    • If science based medicine REALLY supported good nutrition, then why do conventional doctors receive EXTREMELY little- if any- training in nutrition? How come it’s ILLEGAL to treat cancer with anything but drugs, radiation and chemo in the US?  Why was Max Gerson poisoned TWICE despite clearly showing dozens of case studies in his book about treating cancer that were halted or completely reversed using nothing but nutrition?  Where are all the nutritional treatments being developed by big pharma?  Why are the dietary reccomendations followed by the majorty of doctors- and ALL types of people in the US- made by the USDA (who have been successfully sued in the past for allowing people with financial ties to the food industry to develop such “guidelines”.)  Why do most doctors promote milk as a good source of calcium despite it being crystal clear that the incidence of Osteoporosis is the highest in the countries with the highest dairy intake- despite it lacking enough magnesium to ever be considered a good course of calcium by anyone who understands how calcium and magnesium work together in the body- despite milk CLEARLY causing the blood to become more acidic which then results in the body leeching calcium from the bones to buffer the acidity?  If you don’t think “they” are trying to keep “us” sick so “they” can sell us drugs, you either know very little about the pharmaceutical industry, or you have financial ties to them, or you clearly are lacking in common sense.  

      • And you sir, are just a run-of-the-mill conspiracy sheep, insulting people who don’t agree with you. The irony of people like you accusing people like me of being: a) financially tied to the pharmaceutical industry b) stupid and uninformed, is not lost on me.

        The funniest thing about conspiracy sheep is that they think they are independent thinkers – but the fact is, the “Cult of Me” means it is completely normal to think this way nowadays. Conspiracy sheep pretend they are not “brainwashed” by the mainstream – when all you do is watch dubious docos online, from discredited people, and pretend that is somehow a credible way to find information. Documentaries who themselves are CLOSELY and CLEARLY related to financial motives. This is truly ironic.

        If you think “they” are trying to keep “us” sick so “they” can sell us drugs, you have sociopathic tendencies, and you generally suspect – and therefore hate – your fellow humans. How so? Well, that is obvious. Mankind has to be inherently evil for such a whacko conspiracy to continue unabated for so long without being shutdown. Therefore, you distrust and probably hate your fellow human.

        All statistics show that health has been on the increase ever since science based medicine began. There is no arguing with this. The facts are there. Vaccines, treatments etc have caused a massive increase in lifespan and a massive drop in mortality. Even people who get cancer are living longer than they used to. This should be enough to prove to you that I speak the truth – but I long ago learned the truth about people – what they WANT to believe (due to their psychology) far outweighs any facts. Your mind cannot be changed because your psychology precludes it. Science has proven this, also.

        Good day.

        • From what I have observed…it’s the government who has been conspiring and part of their conspiracy is to label anyone who questions the main stream conspiracy theorist, quite ironic. If you actually finished watching this documentary, you should probably be worried about premature death due to eating junk food (which seems to be majority of the population therefore non-conspiracy sheep), not the motive behind it. Well personally I’d rather be called crazy and live a longer healthier life.

        • You can keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.  The fact is I don’t hate my fellow humans- I love them more than you will ever know.  You don’t understand- mankind is not inherently evil- it’s just that governments, regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies and many others have been hijacked by people who do not have the interests of the majority at heart. That is very different to thinking mankind is evil.  I know you probably don’t believe this, and I suspect it’s simply cause your mind simply doesn’t want to contemplate the possibility despite the overwhelming evidence, but I won’t resort to personally insulting you.  In fact, my response to you was not an insult- I challenged what you said with several questions that you failed to even acknowledge, and I said you are either lacking in knowledge or common sense.  That is not an insult, that is an observation.  If I would have called you a run of the mill establishment sheep, that would have been different.  The only reason I said you may have ties to big pharma, is its the only other reason apart from those two that you would have said what you said, though I never thought that was likely in the slightest.

          I don’t spend all my time watching documentaries.  I’ve read and dissected countless scientific studies, read countless books and been in personal contact with various researchers.  In short I’ve actually done my  homework rather than just believe anything that’s been said in a documentary.  But nevermind, those that believe the official line will never believe any of this- to you people like me are simply conspiracy nuts with no real education or evidence to back up what they say.  Whatever- I’m tired of debating with people like you 🙂

          I do take issue with your last paragraph though- just because life expectancy has been on the increase, does not mean that “health has been on the increase since science based medicine began”.  Please, read that statement again.  Sure we are living longer, but if you actually looked at the DATA instead of the way the data is spun to portray what big pharma wants you to believe, you will realize that virtually all chronic illnesses are on the rise in a huge way, and science based medicine despite BILLIONS of dollars of research money and the minds of some of the best scientists, has completely and utterly failed to make a significant impact on the vast majority of chronic diseases to date- cancer being a case in point.  All they have to do is change the definition of ‘cancer survivor’ or ‘responded to treatment’ and hey- presto!- the figures suddenly add up in a way they can spin much more easily.  

          Please don’t belittle me- despite what you may think I really have done a lot of research into this, and actually in my day to day work I see people practically on a daily basis who suffer from chronic illness that have basically been told by their doctors that they can’t be helped.  Guess what?  Their doctors are wrong!

          I’ll leave it there, as more than likely you will continue to insult me and carry on insisting I am nothing more than a sheep that believes anything they are told.  So I won’t argue with you anymore.  My best wishes to you brother, may you one day realize that you just might be horribly wrong.

  40. isn’t this the beginning to Food Matters??