A Tangled Web of Hate

Cyber bullying is something that has evolved with technology. Prank phone calls and mean chain letters have become less necessary when the world wide web provides instant and often anonymous bullying. Children are falling victim to Facebook libel – sometimes taking their own lives to escape. Catherine Bernard committed suicide in February, 2012. She lived in Melbourne, Australia and had suffered severe depression brought on by cyber-bullying. She was not the first victim and she will not be the last. Unless something is done.

According to a recent global poll, Australia rates number one in the world for bullying on social networks like Facebook, with nine in 10 families reporting a child’s brush with bullies online.

Playground and classroom bullying has now spilled into the household. Once a sanctuary of peace and protection, children are only a click away from being bullied on their cell phones, email accounts, and facebook walls.

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