A Tribute To Ryan Dunn MTV Special

Ryan Dunn’s friends and family pay tribute to the ‘Jackass’ star with a look back at his life. Join the gang as they come together to share stories and bid a final farewell to Ryan and Zac.

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  1. In this sick world people look up to self destruction as long as you are well off financially…. Planet earth needs a reset.

  2. No matter what he did good or bad he was a human being that had flaws just like all of us.
    For the people that speak badly about Ryan I guess they have never made mistakes or
    used bad judgment at some point. He was a man that had friends and family that morn him
    and always will, he had a long time GF that he loved, he made a difference in many lives,
    he had feelings like we all have and he deserves respect no matter what.
    It’s so easy to see how many lives he touched, and the friendly manner he had
    and how he made everyone feel special, that’s a gift that he used very well and
    if for no other reason this is a quality that is rare and should be admired. Everyone
    has a pencil with an eraser, it’s so when you make a mistake (not if) it can be
    corrected, unfortunately we don’t have a way to erase or change some bad things
    that happen in our lives. Although I was not a big fan of Jack Ass I did watch
    and enjoy many things they did. I say R.I.P. Ryan Dunn you touched many lives
    and made a difference in your short stay here.


  3. So Sad…my condolences to his mom & dad

  4. he made a bad decision and paid the ultimate price he was a star that burnt out to quickly he wasn’t meant to live till he was 80 r.i.p ryan i hope your at peace now xx

  5. Why are you hating on the man’s tribute video? if you don’t like him fuck off and watch sumin else..

  6. At the end of the day he was very amusing. If you dont like him restrain yourself from leaving comments as he should be allowed rest in peace.

  7. Everyone knows drunk driving is stupid. Ryan paid the ultimate price for that. Good or bad, he did was he was meant to do–entertain people. A son, father, good friend of many and entertainer of millions Ryan Dunn is dead and deserves a tribute to his life. Have a heart and quit arguing over which one of you dumbasses is the smartest.

  8. maybe people here should have a little fucking respect you, he passed away and you should respect that and not chirp him after hes gone you all make me sick

  9. I got a few good chuckles from his antics and you could say that he was a True Jackass…he was fearless but he was foolish and had an offbeat sense of humour…his fate was inevitable so don`t try to copy him.

  10. Learn to raise your own kids. The series was called jackass. If you’re children are fucked enough to copy him then you’re not doing your job. he made people laugh and his friends happy which would generally be considered positive. why does everyone need to be a role model? 

  11. wow they saved mentioning ZAC for the last 3 minutes of the movie 

  12. It is sad how he died with his lover beside him. 

  13. It is not noble or brave to judge other people, no matter the situation. He was living his life the way he saw fit, and his choices had consequences. The man is gone and regardless of how he got there he left behind many friends and family who miss him. Dragging his name through the mud changes nothing. The Jackass crew have been called idiots for the last, what, 15 years? So go join the peanut gallery and enjoy your stay, because it’s a very lonely place. 

    • Absolutely right!  Many people judged Jeffery Dahmer as well but he was just living his life the way he saw fit too.  Shame on people judging him like they did.  I’m sure he was a nice guy and contributed a lot to society. 

      “The Peanut Gallery”.

      • The peanut gallery doesn’t seem to know the difference between apples and oranges. 

        Ryan Dunn got in an accident and killed someone, yes. Dahmer raped his victims (alive or dead, he had no preference), dismembered them, and sometimes ate them. Lesson, Ryan Dunn ≠ Dahmer. You are literally mentally handicapped if you really believed that your argument held any water. 

        • “It is not noble or brave to judge other people, no matter the situation.” Shall I repeat it for you? “no matter the situation”.  I was making the point that your the one that’s literally mentally handicapped.  Some people just don’t understand sarcasm!

          “The Peanut Gallery”

  14. Are you fucking kidding me?

  15. Your all idiots. The show he was on was called Jackass

  16. Wow – I hadn’t heard of him until the accident.  But I can’t believe he was famous for this stupid stuff and that people actually made him popular watching this ridiculous stuff.  No wonder our kids think it is ok to do some of the irresponsible stuff they do.  What a very sad testimony this show and especially the popularity of it is on our country.

    • At the end of the day the guy was wasted in charge of a vehicle, again, what kind of fucktard would respect some1 like that, yeah the shit he did on screen was funny as hell, so to quote my mother “act like a twat and you will get fucked”, so maybe the problem is that there r only idiots to look up to in a modern world, i feel for any1 who has such low self esteem as to respect a a drunk self destructive moron whose only claime to fame is by hurting hisself for your amusment. what a moron lol

    • I’m glad you are not my parent.

  17. just shut it T …

  18. He did more good than bad, really? How many kids died or severely injured themselves copying this guy and the other Jackasses?

  19. I bet that asshole wouldn’t talk that way if he wasn’t hiding behind his keyboard with his fat zit infested ass grown into his office chair.  Fuck it, he lived it up more than most people do today.  Live fast die young.  You TeganDan will grow old, fat, and be a drain on society!  Fuck you.

  20. fodder for the dumbed down generation

  21. Listen retards! If Ryan Dunn had survived that crash, whilst his friend died, he would of gone to prison for manslaughter not murder! He didn’t intentionally kill his mate, so its not murder. I agree he is a complete twat  for a) drink driving and b) doing that kind of speed, whilst drunk, with a friend in the car, but he is NOT a murderer.

    •  Boyfriend not mate – Ryan was a bottom! and would have made many new friends in prison.

    • If the prosecutor could show willful negligence or reckless negligence on the part of Ryan Dunn (which wouldn’t be hard in this case) the charge could be easily upped to murder. So check your facts Retard!

      • He would be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He did not intend to kill his friend, can’t argue with that, but he was responsible for the death of his friend through recklessness, can’t argue with that either. I’m from England btw, so if you’re from America the law is different. So jog on retard. Think you need to check your facts lmao

  22. I don’t pay tribute to murderer’s period! Rot in Hell Ryan, you really are a Jackass!

  23. Keep your horrible comments to yourself TeganDan, you absolute idiot of a human. R.I.P Ryan Dunne

  24. as he said, stupid people do stupid things.  still doesn’t make him a bad person, he came cross always as one of the most genuine people on the show.  sure he shouldn’t have been driving but these things happen.  maybe if you have experienced a tragedy like this you would have a different tune.  he had a lot of characteristics to look up to and through his death something to learn as well.  hope it is nice up on your high horse.  

    • So if that was your son who was in the car with him you would just say to yourself “oh well these things happen”, doubt it! Exactly what characteristics did he have for people to look up to lol?

  25. omfg you’re kidding me. That guy was about the worst role model a parent could hope for. Not to mention he died being a dick. He died in the same place he had already rolled a car (didn’t work it out?), then came through AGAIN, DRUNK at 140mph in a 55mph zone and managed to kill his mate in the car. Luckily, no other innocent people were killed.

    The guy was a moron. Tribute? Fuck Ryan Dunn. Pass.

    • Judging from the comments of his friends, he did way more good things in his life than bad things. Overall he was a good person with a good heart, who influenced others in a positive way in this sometimes shitty world.

      He shouldn’t have been drinking and driving and speeding of course, but that doesn’t make him an overall bad person.

    • Y the fuck dose everyone have to be a fucking role model. y cant ppl have fun and live there life. yea what he did was stupid but thats what hes guilty for, being stupid. now ur guilty of being a unsympathetic closed mined dick head. 

      but i all most feel sorry 4 u. that u have so little self worth. That u have to spend your time placing your stupid fucking opinions around hear.     go wight about some outer bullshit opinion u have because fuck knows no one will listen to in it real life 

      Go back to being a fucking good role model.

      • rofl. Worst. English. Ever.

      • You should really think about going to school and taking some grammar classes.  I have never in my life seen such awful spelling and grammar.  I mean Wow! Just…………………. Wow!  Enjoy your life long career working at McDonalds.  “Would you like fries with that?”