A War on Science

An interesting documentary charting the war between religions creationist (Intelligent Design) theologies versus modern science’s theories.

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  1. Guys, the Ayahuasca plant I. Peru knows more than mankind combined, about reality, and the nature of God. expecting man to understand the nature of reality is like asking the bacteria in your stomach to comment on Mozart. I challenge all scientists to spend a month in Peru doing Ayahuasca, then reflect on how little they knew of reality or God.

  2. I am a young earth creationist. I do hold Intelligent Design a scientific theory. I do hold the young earth creationistic model of natural history a true paradigm of historical science.

    I have only one ultimate authority, it is truth. I do not apologise that the truth in science has brought me to the position that I am now. I do believe that when the science advantages the god of naturalism gets smaller and smaller, and will ultimately die. And god of naturalism is Nature, because there is not a single thing that some one can point in nature that a naturalist doesn’t believe to be a thing made by Nature – so by making Nature all powerful and capable, in naturalistic belief system, to make everything, and so by being omnipotent (god).

  3. YES! I like to think that it is us who give purpose to this life!

  4. It is amazing to think that a country so Scientifically advanced as America is allowing these people hold back Humanity with their outdated myths & legends. Denying Scientific facts to support these outdated myths is a crime against Humanity & is holding back Humanity from progressing. Unlike religion Science has got no hidden agenda, it’s only purpose is to find out the truth, by means of testable & repeatable experiments. Science never claims to be right, but always says that this is what we believe to be right at this moment in time, given the evidence to date & is always willing to change it’s view about something when new evidence comes along. Religion on the other hand is still stuck in the dark-ages with the views of the world as seen by ancient goat herders, who knew nothing that we now know today. I know who I believe & it isn’t the goat herders.

    • true, Science in itself has no hidden agenda, being a noun without an intellect, but the whole production surrounding Science – academics, desired grants, egos, selfishness, undercutting, stealing of ideas, its use as simply a tool to get somewhere or be somebody, et, effin’, al……. sort of reeks like a badly rotting, festering untended (phoniated) Religion

      on a different note, similarly – I am a Christian; I am also a believer in A N Y value A N Y Religion may offer; thus being the foundation for my perspective, the Truth is, will be, and has always been the most important thing in my life; as a remnant of all of it, it is impossible to unintertwine the seeking of any possible understanding of the Divine along with perhaps approaching an actuality Divine