Aberrican Me: Ross Capicchioni

Made by The Berrics, a skateboard park owned by the skateboarders Steve (Ber)ra and E(ric) Koston. The Aberrican Me series brings videos of pro skateboarders personal lives to light through interviews and reenactment.

In this particular episode, Ross Capicchioni is interviewed. When Ross was 17 year old, he was shot – to be killed – by his close friend. He was then left to die in the outskirts of the city he lived in, Detroit. But through sheer determination and a will to survive, Ross would battle on for his dear life.

This is his story.

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  1. No, the shooter was black.

  2. so he was almost killed by the friend that dropped him off? i thought he had to kill some random person for the gang, not some kid he knew for 10 years…

  3. hey der

  4. Lord Lord LORD What a savior he is!!!!!!

  5. Pffftt……..I got bitten by a door mouse once…

  6. WOW!! Amazing you are a very lucky person 🙂

  7. Who or whatever kept you alive, makes no difference to me. I’m glad you’re here and healthy. You have good reason to feel anxiety around strangers, on buses or wherever and maybe some treatment for PTSD could help with that. Hopefully you’ve already had some. You deserve a peaceful life.

  8. thank you , we are here! keep on going !! xxx you are amazing ><

  9. you keep me goin man’

  10. Don’t pass this one. It’s short but well worth it.

  11. wow. Kept overlooking this one and out of boredom gave it a peek. Should have been bored along time ago….wow. Watching it again after I finnish tis post.

    • same here.I’d gone through everything else I was willing to watch.Glad I watched It now.Was expecting something totally different.

  12. man such a good doco! good on ya mate, for pushing on through!!!!
    inspirational! !just epic!!!!

  13. I found this website on since then I watched over a hundred documentaries. this one is the best by far

  14. man i was fucking ass hole i was just going to die for a fucking gal then i realised life is important than anything else after watched your story i am so inspired ,i am not fucking loser i am gonna live my life fully…thank you

  15. hell yeah i love the berrics nice to see their stuff here

  16. I was in tears, this was very moving. It serves as a reminder to appreciate what you have…life. As for the perpetrator, depiscable is not even close to describing what he his. Completely inhuman. The judge should have sent the family to prison also for supporting that cruelty, and sterilise them all while your at it! There are just two categories of people: humane and inhumane, nothing else matters!

  17. ok, i’m gonna say it then if no one else is… much do you wanna bet the shooter was black?

  18. wow.. amazing

  19. short, but so so so sweet. what an awsome dude. 

  20. Amazing documentary!

  21. inspiring, magnificent, incredible. All i have to say.

  22. I think the hand of God was on you.  There must be a greater purpose to your life.

    • I hate people like you… There is a truly amazing story and you have to down play it and say that god did it. Fuck have people lost all faith in themselves? Faith in your self is the only type of faith that I can get behind, everything else is just ignorance 

      • Maybe if you found God, you would love, instead of hate.

        • (Cough) Uhuh and which God would That Be???   with so many to choose from?

          its pointless going with the wrong God eh?  but you all say yours is the only one, and the others are a hoax.. 

          so you just show us scientific types the evidence and hey you Win!!!

          • I like what Jacque Fresco once said. He was asked “what do you think of christianity?”. He replied “I think it’s a great idea, but when are they going to put it into practice?”.

      • woooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd

      • say it on the mountain brother. belief in any god has excused people from responsibility for the worst atrocities in history while taking away the sheer beauty and wonder of the natural world.

  23. fantastic!

  24. man, i fucking respect you, welcome to the `early learning centre` enjoy your life bro.

  25. I was shot point blank with a sawed off shotgun during a robbery when I was 19 years old. . Very intoxicating, loss of blood is peacefull. Loss of trust in humankind takes longer to get over. In the end you become stronger and wiser. My assailant got 18 years, served six years was released and stabbed somebody weeks later. The same injury would certainly kill me now, at 50 years old and not nearly as healthy. Ross keep it together.    

  26. that wasnt what i was expecting. wow

  27. that wasnt what i was expecting. wow

  28. very moving