Acid Attack: My Story

The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a scary rise in acid attacks, since 2012 the number of attacks have doubled and now they are seeng two attacks being carried out every single day with 450 happening in London alone. Acid seems to becoming the weapon of choice amongst gangs these days as it is easily concealed, much harder for police to find as it can be disguised as a bottle of water, but the long lasting damage is terrifying.

In this powerful film we hear Naomi Oni’s story of how back in 2012 she was doused in sulphuric acid after being stalked through London by someone disguised in a niqab. It was to be considered one of the most shocking and bizarre attacks in recent years and is twisted and dark tale of betrayal, calculation and devastation.

Through a number of interviews and using archive footage we learn how and why this tragedy occurred.

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  1. Another import from ‘the religion of peace’.