Acid Attacks: Hell In A Bottle

Official reports reveal the shocking rate at which acid attacks have been occurring in the United Kingdom, in 2016 two acid attacks took place per day on average and if that was scary enough it is projected that 2017 will yield the highest number of attacks ever recorded in the UK.

In the past this type of crime used to be reserved for shaming or honour attacks, but over the last few years there seems to have been a change in the way they are occurring. Acid is now being used more by everyday criminals and gangs because unlike knifes, acid can be easily concealed in a bottle and disguised as a drink. If searched by the police they may simply overlook the acid where as if you are caught with a knife that is potential jail time.

In this BBC special we hear from four individuals who are all acid attack victims, we hear how their lives were affected and the mental stress it induced.

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  1. Anyone that is convicted of an acid attack should receive the torture penalty until a very slow extremely painful death results

  2. Uk is a foreign place now full of savages who peddle in evil. They should be kicked out of the country forever. Funny how this isn’t happening in non multicultural countries

    • Yes a lot of this is a racist attack on Europeans from all other non christians& bolsheviks& christian haters like jewish Supremacist..see Gott Mit Uns.on Bitchute & ( know more