AFOL A Blocumentary

AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO)

Filmmaker Jess Gibson scoured the Pacific Northwest, interviewing some legendary Lego builders, hoping to understand who these guys are (and they’re all guys). He’s just recently finished the movie, AFOL: A Blocumentary, and posted it online:

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  1. i wonder if these guys have been to Legoland in Denmark? i have, it was amazing!

  2. It is a creative hobby like many others imo, this one just has a nostalgic twist to it, like retro-gaming only creative. It was one of my fav toys as a kid, but unlike retro-gaming I don’t see myself playing with it now.

  3. I miss my LEGOs

  4. A breath of fresh air ! You lego guys are artists!

  5. “.. scoured the Pacific Northwest ..”

    WTF? The Pacific is an ocean and so what hell was he looking for guys .. he search would have been much easier if he had looked somewhere on land.

    • the pacific northwest is a region in western north america, including washington oregon and idaho, bound by the pacific ocean to the west.

      • Well how is the majority of the World meant to know that?

        The author of the description shouldn’t assume everyone has a deep understanding of the geography of western north america … such n assumption indicates a very insular and parochial attitude.

        • True, but you should have been able to guess just by context that they weren’t talking about the actual ocean. It’s not like Lego fans live on boats in the ocean.

  6. I really enjoyed this documentary. 🙂 Makes me want to play with my old legos again.