After Ebola: Nebraska and the Next Pandemic

Plague, Influenza, Ebola, these are some of the most deadly and contagious diseases in the world. If the latest pandemic caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19) has thought us anything it is that they could be on our doorstep overnight. Would we recognise the symptoms, treat the disease and stop it from spreading? The margin of error in situations like these is zero.

In 2014 the African continent was struck by the feared Ebola virus, a virus that causes a severe and often fatal fever in humans and other mammals. This specific outbreak claimed the lives of over 11,000 people across West Africa. That same year the University of Nebraska Medical Center, which is one of only three institutions in the United States equipped to effectively treat patients with Ebola began caring for three such people.

After Ebola: Nebraska and the Next Pandemic follows the elite team who put their lives on the line in order to help. The lessons learned from their actions reshaped high-risk emergency medicine in the United States. The initial crises passed but a question remained, are we ready for what comes after Ebola?

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  1. You will be interested to know that they flew these ebola patients into Nebraska without any warning given to the general public. Think about that for a minute. They could have infected and entire metro area Omaha, Nebraska if they made one mistake. They placed the entire population at risk and did not give two shits about the fact that they flew ebola right smack dab into the center of the United States.