After The Last Round

There aren’t too many other sports out there that encompass the theatrical displays of human struggle, strength and violence quite like boxing does and in this film we are taken on a journey through the sports entirety, exploring not only the glamour but also a darker side to the sport, being exposed to the life changing effects boxing has on the fighters themselves and their families.

Through a number of interviews with many fighters, both active and retired, “Life After Boxing” weaves together their stories of struggle and hardship. Boxing is ofter the target of philosophical and sociological debates but rather than simply choosing to glorify the sport of blindly condemn it this film takes a step back in order to analyse it for what it really is, giving us a truly honest look into the world of boxing. A must see for any fan of the sport.

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  1. You never see any well-off, educated boxers from stable backgrounds. It’s always guys and girls from dysfunctional upbringings and poverty, literally fighting their way out. It’s exploitative as fuck regardless of how much the athletes love the sport.

    Watching people incur brain damage is not entertainment. Same goes for the NFL, NHL and other cranium-cracking sports. Let’s fucking evolve already, eh? Ain’t nothing cute about having dementia at 40. If cockfighting and dog fighting are illegal, humans fighting for a prize should be too.