After the Virus

Humanity is going through the largest health crises in more than a century as the coronavirus (Covid-19) has killed nearly 2 million people globally, brought turmoil to the world economy, and caused us to question some of the most fundamental norms about the environment, international politics, public health, and global security.

However, the fight against covid has also united the world scientists into the biggest international collaboration effort in history. Right now cutting-edge vaccines are being rolled out by the millions to people across the globe. This scientific near mirical comes just a virus cases soar exponentially and a new even more contagious strain of Covid-19 takes hold around the world. At a time when so much data, much of it being contradictory is filling the airwaves media outlet VICE has taken a moment to cut through the complexity, misinformation, and often times disinformation to get to the facts in this special report.

We see VICE founder Shane Smith Speak to world leaders, thinkers, scientists, and experts such as America’s leading immunologist and President Biden’s chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci about how the COVID-19 vaccine will change everything.

Directed by: Jake Burghart

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  1. Blatant Propaganda, pushing the great reset narrative. Vice are constantly biased towards globalist ideologies.

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