Age of Consent: Canada’s Original Vigilante Pedophile Hunter

Justin Payne is a self-proclaimed vigilante who spends his nights pretending to be a 13-year-old boy online. He is intent on shaming every pedophile who falls for his trap. With help from his cameraman Gerry, the duo have publicly shamed hundreds of sexual predators and have been a thorn in the side of local law enforcement.

Filmed in the suburbs of Toronto, this new VICE documentary intimately exposes the life of Justin Payne and his intense late night encounters.

Although much of the law enforcement community frown upon the work of Justin and Gerry, classing it as irresponsible vigilantism, the pair seem to have the support of many parents living in the Toronto area stating there need to be more men like them proactively shaming pedophiles in the hopes it teaches them a lesson. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Toronto’s recent bust of over 350 people took a long time to set up. The police were rightfully angry with Payne’s actions, because it drove some of the predators deeper underground and it took longer to catch them.

    A sting of hundreds of people doesn’t come together in a couple of months. Vigilantes are a detriment to lengthy investigations and taint proof because perps can now use Payne as a defense that they were victims of entrapment.

    I fear that he’s letting these people go on a technicality just for the sake of shaming them. I don’t want them shamed. I want them doing time. And Justin Payne may just have kept that fro happening for his own fame and glory.

  2. The word is paedophile. A pedophile is a foot fetishist, which is comparatively vanilla.

  3. I find it hilarious how one of these guys is a child predator themselves. Not pointing any fingers, but it’s true. I experienced it first hand and it’s disgusting how he hides behind this persona to protect his image. This is a job for cops not bored dudes with no lives or jobs. Take care of your kids.

    • Hello Kate. I’m a television producer in Australia. Saw your post about “one of these guys is a child predator themselves”. We have the same phenomenon in Australia of the internet paedophile hunter. The question is how reliable these people are. I’d be keen to hear what you know of this person you know about: “I experienced it first hand”. My email is [email protected]. Our program is SUNDAY NIGHT on the 7 Network here. Thank you, Michael O’Donnell

  4. I can’t think of any psychological disorder worse than pedophilia. These offenders need to stop. The question is how to get them to stop. While this method is satisfying to Justin and many who enjoy seeing offenders being exposed for what they are doing, it ultimately won’t work.

    Because pedophiles can’t turn that compulsion off or silence it on their own, they will figure out how to hone their skills and be more crafty and careful to not get caught again. We’ve seen that in all kinds of serial killers and psychological criminals.

    I think a better approach might be to do what he is doing but add to his confrontation with the offenders the promise that if he doesn’t get psychological help, he will be exposed and further hunted until he does seek help. As with all sexual illness, they cannot be left to figure it out on their own because they will seek gratification rather than not. There are no simple answers here and violence won’t help either. One can’t beat it out of them, they will just grope children with broken fingers and missing teeth.

  5. What they should do is get their license plate numbers, find out where they live and send the video to their partners, families, friends, and colleagues so THEY know the monster in their midst and maybe get them some help.

  6. You know what, this guy is doing the work the police and FBI should be doing. I have ZERO sympathy for the sick bastards he catches out. They know they are doing the wrong thing and that is why they try to cover up their actions, lie and cry the second they’ve been caught out. As a victim of childhood sexual abuse over many years, I can tell you exactly how soul destroying a paedophile’s actions are. Justin is absolutely correct in saying that sexually assaulting or abusing a child is murder of the soul. It robs you of any sense of normalcy, trust, innocence and faith in humanity. It is worse than murder – it is lifelong psychological torture. At least if someone is murdered, their pain ends. When you’ve been sexually abused as a child, the trauma and pain lasts for decades and often ends in suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, endless broken relationships, shattered families, depression, anxiety, self-loathing and so many societal and health problems. The repercussions of paedophile’s/child abuser’s actions ripple out across society and they cannot be cured. They learn how to hide their actions better with therapy; chemical castration is only good as long as they take the chemicals; in prison they meet others who share their same sick attractions and create networks that perpetuate organised abuse. Even if it is a neurological disorder, these people are dangerous to the most vulnerable in our society. They cannot be trusted around children, and children are everywhere in society. Children have done nothing wrong, and so those who have done wrong should be kept away permanently from society. End of story. Do that how you like – I don’t care. Lock them up permanently, put them in separate towns, physically castrate them so they can actually physically never hurt anyone again – whatever you have to do to keep children safe from these bastards. But make it permanent. I don’t understand why we give these criminals such short sentences, and second, third, fourth, fifth chances in society after their offenses. They don’t get better, they can’t. It’s a compulsion. It’s a life sentence for the victims, so it should be a life sentence for the abusers, especially to protect others from what they may do in the future (based on their past actions).

    I take my hat off to Justin for his work – this helps to expose the sick bastards, shame them, make them think twice about their actions. It evidences how many of these people our out there. It demonstrates the tactics these people use. It might stop a crime from happening. It should HELP law enforcement with conviction. It isn’t entrapment because the paedophiles are approaching the ‘children’ they want to abuse. If they weren’t having these conversations with Justin, they’d be approaching and grooming a legitimate child. It’s still a crime.

    Thank you, Justin, for the work you do and the guts it takes for you to do this. Thank you for doing the moral thing, even in the face of doubt and a lack of support from the police and law enforcement who should be doing this work.

  7. I think it will be more difficult for Justin to do his work now that this video is out, his voice can now be recognized. He sure seem to have a good heart. Thanks for all your efforts in stopping these freaks.

  8. I feel bad for Canada’s children if the police are not willing to help, and the expert doctors look at pedophilea as just another sexual preference, claiming that we (society) are failing them.

  9. Great Job but….why the fuck don’t you meat these fuckers in a park away from people and give them what they deserve like a denture job or ten broken fingers anything man broken nose a severe case of ”bleue Balls” get the pic ?