The AI Race

An hour long special from ABC’s Lateline which examines the future of artificial intelligence and how new figures show that every job will begin to change in the coming years as AI starts to revolutionise not just the repetitive physical tasks but also those which require more cognitive thought.

Throughout the documentary we hear from several professionals all of whom are fearing replacement by AI. From a veteran truck driver Frank Black to a young final year law student and paralegal, Christine Maibom. PornsOK – Free porn tube

We also hear from many pioneers in the field, some of whom include Google’s Reach Director Peter Norvig who is considered to be an icon among AI researchers. Professor Toby Walsh who is one of Australia’s leading AI scientists also has a say in the film, calling for a national discussion on whether we should set limits on how AI is developed and used in our lives.

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  1. global welfair? how would that work if no one had to work i guess we would have to pool all our efforts into education and regulation reform.