Air France Flight 447 Crash

Air France Flight 447 was an international, long haul flight departing from Rio de Janeiro, heading towards Paris. On the 1st of June 2009 the flight crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. All passengers and crew members on board were killed. The flights black box was not recovered for almost two years, May 2011. This is the story of that flight and what went wrong.

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  1. To Jon…. at least I dont fall 35000ft to my death in a car! And i COULD survive a car crash, you DO NOT survive a plane crash! (dont mention the miracle on the hudson, that was on take off)

  2. Its clearly pilot error. As it is with most plane crashes

  3. I’ll never fly on a plane again, I have no confidence that aircraft designers/engineers really know what they are doing. This happened in 2009!!! How can these system fail after so many years of development.

    • How can you say you’ll never fly on a plane again? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Statistically, you are FAR more likely to die in a car crash. You can always say “but yeah I drive so I am control my destiny”, but I would then point out that there are OTHER drivers on the road of which you obviously have no control over. Please google how many people die from car accidents before you make such a terrible blanket statement.

  4. A simple old school attitude meter & a compass could have saved them. This is what happens when you put computers in everything.