Alan Shearer: Dementia, Football and Me

Alan Shearer: Dementia, Football and Me sees former England international footballer Alan Shearer examine the possibility that there is a link between football and dementia.

Over the past few years sports such as American Football, Boxing, MMA and Rugby have come under attack due to new understanding of how concussions and the head trauma caused by these sports can lead to significant brain damage later in life.

Here we see football coming under similar scrutiny as recent scientific reports from around the world have revealed that the link between football and dementia could be a direct result of brain damage caused by continuous heading of the ball. 

Shearer still holds the Premier League’s record for all-time top scorer, with 46 of those goals coming from headers. These recent reports have revealed that there are a worrying number of players from the England 1966 team suffering from dementia today. As such the former Newcastle forward has a vested interest in the subject.

Through a number of interviews with footballing legends past and present, Shearer tries to shed some light on the issue whilst also turning himself over to science, undergoing several tests to see how he himself has been affected if at all.

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