Alien Earths

Join leading astronomers on a visual journey beyond our solar system in search of planets like Earth.

Using CGI animation, we’ll explore bizarre worlds that stretch our imagination: planets with iron rain and hot ice, with diamonds everywhere, and endless oceans of gas.

Planets with abnormal orbital patterns and planets with no pattern at all that drift alone in the Milky Way. Planets so strange we never could have predicted them before. Could life exist there?

In the search for another Earth, astronomers hope to discover other terrestrial planets. These bodies may have a rocky terrain and may even hold water on their surfaces.

The most Earth-like planet discovered thus far is Gliese 581c, which orbits near the area known as the habitable zone.

This elusive zone, also called the “Goldilocks Zone,” lies between the star and its planets, and may allow life to survive—it is not too hot and not too cold—on the surface of a planet.


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  1. For a long time it was believed that not only did the female praying mantis consume the head (and sometimes the rest) of her mate during copulation, but that this grisly act was a necessary part of the reproductive process. (The reasons given for this act of decapitation included its being a signal to the male to release his sperm, its providing the female with protein required for her to produce more eggs, and its being a way of keeping the male from leavingprematurely.) Even though the notion that the femalealways eats her mate has long since been disproved, the legend of the always-deadly female persists.

    In a research project whose results were published in the journal Animal Behaviour in 1984, entomologists Eckehard Liske and W. Jackson Davis made videotapes of the sex lives of thirty pairs of praying mantises. They discovered that mantises engage in elaborate posturing rituals before mating, but not one of the thirty males had his head eaten during the mating process. They also noted that other scientists had observed the same thing: Although female mantises sometimes ate their mates, the deadly act by no means occurred in every case. The behavior appeared to be influenced by captivity: Female mantises were either jarred into unusually aggressive behavior by the unusual laboratory conditions, or they were simply not fed enough by their keepers.

    Yes, the female praying mantis does sometimes eat her mate. In fact, male mantises will often offer themselves up as food to the female during the mating process, and from a biological standpoint this action makes sense: There’s no point to mating with a female who might die from a lack of food before she can lay her eggs and pass the father’s genes onto the next generation. This doesn’t happen all the time, however, and its frequency of occurrence and the reasons for it are still a subject a debate within the entomological world.

  2. Bruhaha! Speculation. And….from a country that was built on lies. Need I say more?

  3. this is broken

  4. Interesting tho I take any thing from National Geographic with a grain of salt, especially since they serve America and its master, the secrecy-driven types whom really run the show…add NASA to the mix and that grain of salt just became the whole ocean. NASA’s job, against it’s constitutional ownership by the people, is to obfuscate, lie, withhold, ridicule it’s questioners and provide intelligence in order for the secrecy bangster types whom own it can scam other spacefaring earth nations from withholding what they really discover. Its like the medevil inquisition in the 21st century. Check

    • Addendum: On completing watching this docu I felt we were being feed part disinformation. ie the eliptical orbit of the one moon and planet and also the rouge planets. Maybe Nibiru is being prepped to us as acceptable. Also, I felt that many of the (NASA) mouthpieces seemed to be judging the rest of the galaxy as if its all uniformly going to be like Sol and its wanderers, albeit with slightly different skins. NASA knos full well about the warnings to stay away from going back to the moon and is scamming other spacefaring governments too & they certainly know about the races living on Mars, the not-so-red planet. After all it has far more real estate, as we see it, than does earth. I think if they do “find” an m-class planet similar enough to earth, then it will be a made up creation of theirs, with info they can control and use for their own nefarious agenda

      • You are legit the most retarded person I’ve ever seen. 6 years in the future even.

      • A 40 year cover up involving thousands of people around the world by a government that can’t even keep their own personal lives out of the news. Yeah, that’s believable.

        Remember kids, don’t do drugs.

      • A 40 year cover up involving thousands of people around the world by a government that can’t even keep their own personal lives out of the news. Yeah, that’s believable.

        Remember kids, don’t do drugs.

  5. this documentary is so freaking cool

  6. That was pretty cool. I enjoyed watching this.

  7. Thankyou 4 the comment friend! Ill be saving this 1 for my next enlightening session!