Aliens: Are We Alone?

If you look up at the nights sky you will see billions of stars, you can’t help but wonder that surely somewhere in that vastness other life must exist. Now scientists are closer than ever to finding the answer thanks to Kepler Space Telescope. Kepler is the most powerful planet hunter ever built and it is making astonishing discoveries.

The sheer number of plants that are out there has taken the scientific community by surprise, discovering not just gassy giants but also worlds just like our own. Scientists are even beginning to investigate what kind of alien life might exist on these planets.

What kind of life do you think might exist in the oceans of a water world, on a land where the sun never sets or even on a planet like out own Earth?

This is the story of how own extraordinary spacecraft had brought us closer than ever to answering mankind’s ultimate question.

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  1. so in a nutshell, there is no new information or evidence but detection technology is better than it used to be.

    the remaining time is spend wondering…

  2. Video Unavailable? Why not?