Aliens on Earth

If scientists had to come up with a completely crazy theory about where humans came from, what could it be? How about we are all descendants of aliens. It’s an astonishing claim, have all these scientists been reading too much science fiction?

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  1. i don’t think people really understand the importance of finding other life forms they could carry cures to diseases such as cancer or hiv but they could also carry diseases themselves.

    Science has never assumed that other life forms would be little green men that is all to do with TV and movies creating a perception which people assume when they hear aliens.

    @michael Kinsey No one created us because if we was created by an other life form it would be a paradox think about it. I think that science is afraid to answer how we came to be because of religion.

    I just think that people need to broaden they minds and work together to find the answers because we live in a world now where everything is open for questioning so why should religion be out of bounds.

  2. Saying were were created by aliens, kicks the can down the road, to. Who created them, and on on on onto infinity and beyond. But the real question is never answered, Who or how was man created, We can agree on not being here for millions of years. We had a beginning.. You seem like people arguing over which picture of cereal on a cereal box taste better.

  3. This is a great documentary showing what craziness ensues when individuals have an irrational psychological desire to believe in aliens.

    • An irrational….psychological…..desire….to…..hmmm…….do…..hmmm….. WTF? Are you kidding us? What kind of nonsense are you blathering here? Since when does scientific curiosity equate with craziness and irrational psychological desire? I guess it is safe to say that that same “craziness” is what gave us the notion that the world was round and the Earth orbited the sun, not the other way around….etc….You are an idiot.

  4. This appears to be a credits-removed version of the Horizon season 43 episode 7, We Are The Aliens.