All About Dad

Fun, emotive and engaging, All About Dad is an autobiographical and thought provoking short film by director Ben Thompson.

The film focuses on three unconventional fathers who reveal their own personal journeys into fatherhood.

The film features testimonials from Mike Armitage who becomes a father for the fifth time at the age of 71, Johnny Lochland, a gay adoptive father and Roddy Gibson who endured the seemingly endless frustrations of the IVF process before becoming and adoptive father.

The three men candidly share their thoughts and philosophies on the roller coaster ride into parenthood. All About Dad uses hand drawn animations to bring memories to life and perfectly frame both the joys and frustrations of fatherhood.

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  1. I’d love to one day be a Dad also. Gay parenting is becoming more accepted and I love that. I hope to find an egg donor and surrogate mother to carry our child one day soon.

  2. I only wish I had a Dad who loved me

  3. I thought this was fantastic. Thank you to these strong, brilliant fathers for sharing their stories. I’m so happy to hear that all their prayers were answered and that they could truly build their families!

  4. Very sweet, a nice little documentary. I love the child-like animations. 🙂