All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars: This film explores a common central banking connection behind America’s wars. Direct quotes from the founders, presidents, and other world leaders are cited regarding each of the major wars America was involved in, beginning with the American Revolution, King George III and Benjamin Franklin, and culminating with a warning and solution to avoiding World War III.

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  1. Here is the link to the breakdown of the latest version of this video with some links to sources.
    I give this video 6/10 I’d go higher but the inaccuracy of the Kennedy’s E.O. 11110 stuff bothers me and the show notes give no evidence of the actual orders intent other than an image of a bank note.
    Wiki has this quote on the subject “…under President Kennedy’s plan to eliminate Silver Certificates and use Federal Reserve Notes.” See Bill Still link below for further details.
    Also some vague reference to the world being sacrificed to “Mamite” (whatever that is) was not in keeping with a factual documentary.

  2. The JFK fed myth is continued at 20:30 of this documentary. Here is the link to Still report #121 busting this particular myth.

  3. Bill Still gives credible evidence that Kennedy didn’t issue any silver backed currency and in fact set about removing it due to the increasing price of silver. Still report 121 on 11 Nov 2013.
    An excellent book on the creation of the Fed is available in The Creature From Jekyll island by G Edward Griffin.
    Thanks for the vid. Fast paced and information packed.

  4. Prymid schemes always play out and fall. But, these far sighted, but perdicitable, greedpups, have divises a solution for the reboot of fractional reserve banking after the unavoidable world economic crash.This is why we will see the mark of the beast, very soon, after the crash.666 taxes fund the world bankers will take the role of the IRS did for the dollar, and the bonus of being the world reserve currency, which the US exploited.There so obvious. They have demonstrated thier demonic love of money in the past 3 centurys, and thier cold hearted, ruthless disregard for human live.This is destroyed in one hour by the destruction of all satellies by a solar flare.Arrmageddon begins, the end

  5. You need to finely explain what, exactly, is the best and most fair money system, and it’s advantages. If,people know what their aiming for, it is a lot easier to get them onboard.

  6. I think Wilson was trying to save his own butt, and knew damned well what he was doing. He would have been shot like Lincoln.There wasn’t anything he did that was in the best interest of the American people, but in the best interests of the bankers.He did an Obama at the WWI peace conference, agreeing with bankers interests again, despite his fairness BS ,cotton mouthed peace seintiments. He was socialist to the bone.He knew what he did, but didn’t want cop to it, playing dumb.

  7. Hmmm. Well, I am sure there were good intentions here, but the lack of money is no excuse for bad production value. It may not convince laymen of the actual truths that are presented within this doc. The images and narration were sophomoric. Give it a go and look further…..some basics truths are told. Keep walking the path.

    • W/E man, he has tons of source data and the production value is just fine, better then a lot of docs. Really if u weren’t stupid u could just listen to what he is saying without visual stimuli.

      • I agree with 98% of this doc….remember this quote, (“the earth is actually cooling”). I only commented on the cheesey video and rant like commentary. It WILL scare 1st timers away. Most people ARE stupid, therefore more care in the message is important for affect. Be well, Steel9.