Alone in the Wilderness

Dick Proenneke retired at age 50 in 1967 and decided to build his own cabin on the shore of Twin Lakes. The first summer he scouted for the best cabin site, and cut and peeled the logs he would need for his cabin. Dick Proenneke returned the next summer to finish the cabin where he lived for over 30 years. Dick filmed his adventures, and Bob Swerer later turned the film into a video so we can all watch this amazing man build his cabin by hand.


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  1. Please upload alone in the wilderness in it’s entirety

  2. Please upload the entire doc, this is only 10 minutes of it.

  3. Is there a black and white edition of Alone in the Wilderness?

  4. This is only a small portion of the full documentary.

  5. May you rest in Peace Dick Proenneke
    You where a man among Men what you left behind is a lesson that all men should make there’s and I for one Thank You for it.

  6. This was nature and humanity at its best.A very fine record of the life of a remarkable human being.

  7. simply magical and old school using a hand saw, wow what a guy.