Amazon Rising

Amazon Rising is and hour long special by CNBC and hosted by David Faber, examining the worlds largest e-tailer the show doesn’t necessarily uncover any big secrets lurking behind the company but rather provides an in depth look at how they manager to shift such a large volume of product and how they became so successful in the first place.

Faber discovers that Amazon prioritises customer service above all and because of this they really do provide a place where you can get almost anything and have it delivered to almost anywhere in the world at a reasonable price. This however comes at a cost, through the course of this film we see how Amazon can be known to overwork their staff and undercut their partners. The tactics used by them are quite frequently shunned upon.


In the film it is also suggested by one retail expert that they believe Amazon is actually loosing money, around $5 – $6 billion each year. It is explained that this is down to the fact that it is so expensive to stock that much stuff and maintain that customer experience.


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  1. Pretty well balanced documentary. Didn’t seem too biased one way or another. Personally, I found the narrator’s voice and style, as well as the background music, annoying.