Amazon: Truth Behind the Click

A behind the scenes look into what happens when you buy from the world’s biggest online retailer. Through testimonials of ex-employees and an undercover employee with a camera, the tough conditions for workers at Amazon are revealed. The film exposes the immense pressure the workers go through, such as racing a computerized clock every step of their shift and having to walk up to 11 miles a day inside the distribution centers.

As more people around the world find it easier to do their shopping online with a click of a button, staff members working at Amazon are put under mental and physical stress to deliver.

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  1. I have to laugh at those who criticize because you seem to think 1 article gives you the first clue about exactly what goes on in an Amazon distribution center. Judge much? Experience how these places are managed because that plays a huge factor in the conditions, walk 11 miles over 10 hours a night in my shoes on a concrete floor and then you can spew your sanctimonious views all over the rest of us. The work is downright physically painful and not something my body has gotten used to in my 9 months there. It’s definitely not for everyone and Amazon is by no means a career choice for most of us but we do deserve to have work that is humanly achievable and maybe a little less harsh on the feet so please stop with the “suck it up“ and the “you get paid to exercise bull sh*t before I load your delicate item under a lawn mower!

  2. 1- Man up

    2- Get Some good quality trainers

    3 – Did I say Man up already……I Did

    I’m a Tradesman myself and have been since I was 17,I run my own contracting business here in the UK,apart from all the office work Bill of quantities,dealing with the clients issues,accounts etc,I have to supervise the other sub-contractors while physically doing a 10 – 12 hour 5/6 day a week on site.

    What about Nurses,Teachers,Farmers,FireFighter,police officers,Elderly Caretakers,Aid workers,Missionaries the list could go on,but not only are these high demanding jobs and they should get paid double their current wages as how much they are benificial to society.

    Are the majority of these jobs found through agencies and what what course or card do you need to be accpted a manual handling course.

    Amazon is very profitable and will soom have your job replaced with some laser sensor Mechanical system so you wont have much more time to moan.That negative attitude a lot of yous had you need to chanel it into a positive way of thinking as one way someone wrote in a comment below paid to exercise.

    Ok Its more about the point about the Minimum wage,Do a health and safety course and get a CSCS Labouring card and see even with that couple of pound extra an hour how long would you last.
    Is it you cant handle the pressure?
    The Pace?
    Boredom? etc

    All I know is I buy a lot of Tools,Materials,office equipment,Books,gagets and lots of random items I find,It can be quite addictive.

    So which ever one of you chimps who is packing my amazon prime box for tomorrow morning with some work items and some cool things I found while searching and couldnt help but had to have them,Repeat the First two words over and over again and it will hit you and make you realise you have free choice and live in a capitalist society and you are also supposed to be an adult so MAN UP!!!

  3. 9:40 How about we apply that statement to nursing 🙂

  4. Hmmm…..I think it was very convenient for Panorama to find an undercover fitness guy to complain about the working conditions. What would this documentary have been about if the guy said that he made all of his pickups on time and that conditions weren’t so bad? Or would it have been made at all? As for Adam’s blisters, perhaps he should wear more comfortable shoes instead of his pumps to work.

  5. You get paid to exercise, and the timer is your personal timer is like a personal trainer to push you to go beyond what you think you can do. And you’re complaining.

  6. You make wall stickers and feel that you have accomplished and contributed enough to humanity to belittle people? I actually did take a look at your site. Looks like you managed to incorporate all the skills you learned in nursery and really use them to bring a tacky finish to otherwise nicely decorated rooms. Good job. Hardly a cancer a cure. Certainly the more astute of us will understand that need to take a minimum wage job, in most cases, is less of a choice and far better than sitting on benefits. Should large companies have the right to exploit peoples desperation to find work in an unstable economy? Should any employer, despite what experts advise, work their staff to the point of mental and physical health issues? Do low prices come at a high cost for humanity and the environment? Is the pursuit of profit worth all of this? And does printing wall stickers give you a valuable perspective on society?

  7. I don’t see anyone holding guns to these people’s heads. You don’t like working there? F**king quit then!

  8. working like a donkey for minimum wage, with supervisors always on your back about targets lol these people need to re-evaluate there life’s

  9. I worked in Amazon as a picker, it’s not great job ever but there are much worst ones. If there are no targets there would be no productivity and employees would just hanging around. It’s a job for god sake, you are not shopping….and it kept me fit 🙂

  10. Seriously? That looks like one of the easiest jobs a person can have! Visit a construction site if you want to see a real workload.

  11. Boo freaking hoo.