American Nomads

Wanderlust, restlessness, the urge to get out onto the road and ride off into the sunset it is something which is deep and elemental in the American spirit. This is a journey in search of American nomads, people who live a life of constant travel, who are they and why do they choose to live this way? Why are there so many of them especially in the American west? These are all questions asked by British writer Richard Grant who moved to America more than 20 years ago.

When Grant moved to America he found himself surrounded by a world of travellers, people who exist alongside society as most of us know it but live separate from it, on a journey without destination.

Through a series of encounters and unplanned meetings, Grant finds himself guided by his own instincts and experiences meeting up with loners and different ‘tribes’ of nomads as he travels across the deserts of America’s south west.

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  1. Wow that Buddhist man’s brush with death! That was raw. He really thought he was going to die. Glad he’s okay..