American Pimp

Street pimps, all of them African-American, discuss their lives and work: getting started, being flamboyant, pimping in various U.S. cities, bringing a woman into their group, taking a woman from another pimp, and the rules and regulations of pimping. The men are clear: it’s about money. The women work every night, hustle hard, turn over all their earnings, and steal anything they can from clients. We meet a few of the women, who tell us what they want from a pimp. We also listen to a women who’s legally employed at a Nevada brothel; we meet her White boss, a legal pimp. He and the street pimps, some of whom are now retired, make the case for legalizing the trade.

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  1. We don’t have pimps for street workers in Australia. We also don’t have guns.

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  3. listen I’m on break it down for you this documentary is about black men black women doing what they been the one for centuries making money point blank. If you don’t like it don’t watch it but unfortunately this happens every day 24 hours a day and most people on here are either someone p**** 7 dick or combination of the two we all get money and we all sell our bodies one way or another you may not like it but that’s just the price that you have to pay I say like this pussys priceless dick is free and everything else is Michael is negotiable so you gone pay regardless so give up the cash and quit playing

  4. These Niggaz are probley pimpin yo wife , yo daughter, gotta love it.. its a doggy dog world …make it nasty

  5. so b dirrty,

    how bout i pimp your motherf***ing a**, just because i want to.

    and yes i really think im better then these pieces of s**t.

  6. American Heroes! This is admirable capitalism.

  7. disgusting lowlifes.

    • Memphis here. Not to many pimps around now. Most these hoes is doing it for the fent or bc ain’t know no better. Sure sum got a “dude” who is a self proclaimed pseudo pimp. But in reality bruh ain’t even got one rotation of cot. Wtf is a second string ? It’s sad really how salted the game is. List crawler be 50% bucket mouth outa pocket cat fishers.

  8. nothing disgusting or despicable about it. everybody gets what they want and if they don’t, then they get the fuck out. you think you need to sympathize with these people because you’d rather buy dinner and put up with bullshit instead of just paying some cash for some ass? you think you’re really better than these ‘despicable’ people? grow the fuck up and quit judging people who are doing what the fuck they want to do.

  9. 110%! Absolute heroes

  10. This documentary just exposes how disgusting and despicable they are.

  11. most women are attracted to these personalities, makes it harder to have sympathy

    • “most” women is a dumb comment and factually inaccurate, sorry if you have trouble with women, but that is likely your fault, not theirs.