Americas Book of Secrets: The White House

It is home to the most powerful person in the world, it is a center of global military power and it is one of the most heavily protected fortresses ever built, but behind the classic columns and lush green lawns are secrets, secrets so outrageous, so controversial, so dangerous that they must be kept hidden from the public. There are those that believe in the existence of a book, a book that contains the most highly guarded secrets of the United States of America, a book who’s very existence is known to only a select few but if such a book exists what would it contain? Secret histories, secret plans, secret lies? Does their really exist americas book of secrets?

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  1. I appreciate the subtle details, like the USB-C port, and the fingerprint reader in the edge of the device. It’s durable, already surviving one topple off the table, no doubt with the help of the attachable bumpers that come with the device. (Some have reported issues with gmail login discoloration and cracking around the USB-C port; I haven’t run into those issue on my device.)

  2. ← Irish Bunny → ♥

  3. This documentary synopsis was very misleading. It had nothing to do with the secret book conspiracy and was just all about the White House building. Very disappointing.

  4. Baahaa! Cannot picture myself slobbing around there in my old housecoat armed with a mug of coffee and puffing cigarettes!