America’s Fattest City

Houston Texas, is the fourth largest city in the United States and is located in a state where size most certainly matters. Texas is bigger than Germany, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium put together. “Everything is bigger in Texas” is the saying in Texas and for some that extends to their waistline too.

In the lone star state big people have given Houston a dubious status, it’s Americas fattest city. Obesity here has now been called public enemy number one by the medical profession. It is being considered an epidemic with a staggering two thirds of Texans being overweight and one third being classed as obese, however with this being said there are many of people who have no intention of slimming down.

So just how have these larger than life Texans ended up being so big? and what is it about Texas that produces the fattest people in the fattest country in the world?

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  1. I’m from Houston I’m gayboy and fat <3

  2. When I watched these kind of miserable lifes, I am proud of me because I can control what do I want. They didn’t know that there are lots of peoples who had suffered from starving, because they couldn’t be able to have meals.

  3. Don’t bother . The soundtrack makes it unwatchable.

  4. This is just disturbing. Being lazy and gluttony are both sins, yet Texas is very religious. They are destroying the body that God gave them.

  5. The music is SUPER annoying and interferes with the narration!

  6. A low rating due to most everyone that watched it is from Houston…

  7. the narrators voice is drowned out by the stupid music track

  8. they should stop with the eating excessive amounts of raw lard already!