America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Ever since the good auld days of the 1800s, bare-knuckle boxing in the United States has been pushed out of the mainstream and into dingy parking lots and grimy basements. It has always been an underground sport that never really managed to pull itself out of the darkness and into popular culture.

That being said however, we are now starting to see the tides change and in June 2018 after years of campaigning across 30 states , promoter David Feldman has successfully managed to hold America’s first-ever legal bare-knuckle boxing match in Wyoming.

In this VICE special we see them travel to the ‘Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships’ a few days before the event itself and speak with Feldman to hear how he managed to pull the whole thing off. They also meet with a few of the fighters to hear what it is about bare-knuckle boxing that attracts them to it.

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