America’s Military Empire?

Beginning in the 1980s a belief has slowly taken over the world, that neoliberal globalisation with its built in self-regulating mechanisms would finally do away with old institutions like the state and the military and would usher the planet into an era of relative peace and prosperity. 9/11 and the current economic crisis have shown that belief to be largely a myth but many signs were already there.

Markets have always relied on state power and military might, America’s transformation from Republic to economic superpower following World War II was accompanied by the creation of a global network of military bases unlike any other in history. According to the Pentagon’s base structure report today these amount to 716 bases in 38 countries and more than 250,000 soldiers are stationed on these bases. In addition to this the United States has a military presence in 110 countries around the world.

In this film we see howUnited States has silently encircled the world with a web of military bases. No continent is spared. They have shaped the lives of millions, yet remain a mystery to most. Featuring Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky.

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  1. America goes to war at the behest of its creditor – thats why these actions seem unjust or downright weird to the general public