Among the Sex Offenders

Louis Theroux has spent the last few months filming a series of documentaries titled “LA Stories”, this particular film “Among The Sex Offenders” is the final episode to air. Louis takes a look at how California deals with sex offenders who have just been released from prison and how these particular individuals adjust to living in the outside world whilst being under constant scrutiny from law enforcement and now with it being so easy to find offenders in areas such as this via the internet, the public too.

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  1. This demonstrates that all people must not be classified the same. I hope that the programme makers do assist those who have assisted them in making money.
    I would not condone any sexual offence….but a criminal justice system that refuses to allow judges proper discretion in sentencing is a system where those who could be rehabilitated are denied justice.
    A pedophile will always be a pedophile. A person who has un-characteristically engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour is another thing all together.