Amy Winehouse: The Final Goodbye

Amy Winehouse was one of the greatest singer-songwriters of her generation, not only was she incredibly talented but she also had a profound effect on the music industry as a whole. After all, there was only one Amy Winehouse, her look and sound were the complete package.

In her early days on the music scene, Amy was high octane and infectious, her trailblazing talents meant she was destined for great things. It wasn’t just America and the United Kingdom that loved her, but the entire world.

With success however came recklessness, her fame and fortune was unfortunately gained at a terrible loss. Infamous pictures circulated of the star tell their own story as we witnessed first hand how destructive her relationship with partner Blake Fielder-Civil and lifestyle in general was. As her addiction took grip it seemed as though her life was only going in one direction.

On Saturday, July 23rd, 2011, Amy was found dead at her home in her beloved Camden Town, home in London. Amy Winehouse: The Final Goodbye reveals how Amy was chronic as an addict, and how sadly the news of her death came as no real surprise to many but it is also a definitive testimonial to an incredible music icon covering the start of her career up until her death.

Directed by: Maureen Goldthorpe

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