Amy Winehouse: The Girl Done Good

Amy Winehouse sadly joined the notourious 27 club on 23rd July 2011. Amy joins music icons such as Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrission, who all tragically died at the young age of 27.

Whats even more tragic, is that she only released two albums, and did not live long enough to mature in to the true musicaly talented genius she clearly was.

The documentary – The Girl Done Good is a fitting tribute.

Amy Winehouse The Girl Done Good is a review of her music and career to date. Drawing on rare and classic performances, exclusive interviews, lengthy contributions from friends, colleagues, journalists and experts, and a host of other features, this DVD is a unique insight into the music, career and life of a cultural icon.

In an age when Z list celebrities garner more media attention than the truly gifted, Amy Winehouse is an anomaly, a woman of such extraordinary flair it beggars belief and a dream for the tabloids, all rolled into one. So while many of her chart topping contemporaries build here today gone tomorrow careers of little substance, Amys appeal is genuine, based on talent with a capital T.

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