Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened

Amy Winehouse is a singer and songwriter who is famous for her strong vocals as well as her blend of numerous musical styles such as soul, jazz and R&B.

Winehouse has gained huge publicity for her drug abuse along with psychological health problems. At a young age of 27, Amy Winehouse found dead on her apartment in London.

Receiver of 5 Grammies, Amy Winehouse is certainly among the most talented singers of this generation. However, at the very top of her booming career, did Amy’s way of living push her straight down a distressing path?

Jacques Peretti looks into Amy’s collection of broken hearts, from the divorce of her parents to her overwhelming dark love relationships which includes her intimate relationship with her husband Blake Civil-Fielder.

The film showcase interviews from close friends and beloved family. Jacques examines how Winehouse absorbs every emotional feelings she had lived through and carry that bitterness into her music.

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  1. WHO CARES? Glad the dope head is gone, NOTHING LOST.

  2. really can beleave its been a year!! 🙁 sad as, she did it her way!  i dont think we understand what we have LOST. she was brill-no one can take that away from her. and to me i think she was very sexy!! god bless r,i,p. hope her family are coming to terms with the loss?? thankyou amy for your music!! one of a kind…XXX.. LOVE FROM WALES..

  3. wow what a bad documentary man, i mean, the production is super cheap, the interviews are very flat, and the overall atmosphere of it is really not concise and not interesting.
    4/10 rating for me .

  4. I knew she was trouble!

  5. I knew she was trouble!

  6. This doc was horrible.  Had nothing to do with her death.  Had her father talking about incest and making fun of his own daughter’s speaking voice.

    Extremely disrespectful, and didn’t show enough of Amy in swimwear.

  7. Not available in germany.

    • That’s right… You don’t get to see our girl until you hand over your Nina.

      I’m chewing on the irony you not being able to see a film about the death of a lovely Jewish girl, even though you really want to…