An Honest Liar: The Amazing Randi Story

“Some people can not believe that a magician can fool them in such a way that they can’t figure it out, but magicians can and magicians do. Swindlers do, conmen do, all the time, their not magicians but rather are fakes. They are lying to us, they are deceiving us. It’s okay to fool people as long as you’re doing that to teach them a lesson which will better their knowledge of how the real world works. No matter how smart or how well educated you are, you can be deceived.” – These are the words of James ‘The Amazing’ Randi, a world-renowned enemy of deception and in this feature film we get a first hand glimpse into his legacy of exposing psychics, faith healers, and con-artists with quasi-religious fervor.

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  1. what an insightful documentary, recommended watch. I felt myself feeling enraged seeing how deceptive some have been in terms of ‘powers’ its effin disgusting.

  2. what a piece of work ole randy is, how is it said, a house divided can not stand. he goes against his own to make his living. he knows full well it can be as real as he is. he cut the deal with the devil himself first and he shows up to make the others become legit, if you will. makes them come off their souls to stay in business. pretty clever if i don’t say so myself. hey randy, you’re getting real old now, it is almost pay day. hell for forever, what a price to pay for such little gain. had to go queer too. man talking about raw deals, you sure got one. randy. i turned the old loser devil down. my soul is worth something and i wanted love, the one thing y’all don’t have. i seen it not to long ago, it is roaring hot, or cold should i say. cold fusion. mashing and grinding of teeth. well we are fixing to get rid of a few billion losers. well you guys are doing that too, sealing your own fate. bring the world down. after all you do work for the destroyer, he did tell you, right. how it ends. ask him, happening this year, well starting, we are pretty far in now. taking the dollar down next and up comes the mark of the beast. it wont be pretty folks. while randy ran around telling everyone they were all fakes, he knew how true it is. magic, he fooled everyone, but himself. he has to pay for the easy ride now. GET RIGHT FOLKS AND DO IT NOW. time is almost up. the end is here. one of two witnesses…

    • You sound jealous.. Randy has found love. He is loved by thousands around the world and has done this world one a hell of a favour by exposing charlatans just like your favourite “faith healers”. These guys fool poor souls into coughing up money by exploiting their faith. You can believe and have faith but it is easy to be decieved. If there is a hell I’m sure God has reserved a place for these greed merchants. Maybe bigots and homophobes too.. Perhaps you can take off your blinders and question some of the claptrap you are expousing. Cheer up buddy.

      • That’s all organised religion is. Exploiting the fear of death in the gullible. That infantile deluded homophobic fuckwit is a perfect illustration of an easy mark.
        Tragic waste of a human life when you come down to it.

  3. Admin please fix the link