An Inconvenient Border

The relationship between China and North Korea has always been complicated, China’s Mao Zedong famously said that the two countries were as close as lips and teeth. A relationship forged in blood and steel during the Korean War against the United States.

The leaders of China and North Korea have kept up that appearance of brotherhood since the times of Mao and North Koreas founder Kim Il-sung and into the next generation with Kim Jong-Il, but something has now changed in this relationship, Kim Jong Un.

Since he came into power back in 2012 this supposedly close relationship has chafed at the seems, as leader Kim has never left the country, not even to visit Beijing like his father and grandfather had. Despite North Koreas reliance on China mistrust between the two has been brewing.

In this film we see how even though they share a border, tensions seem to be rising between the two as the topic of nuclear was becomes brought up all too frequently.

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