An Open Secret

Directed by Oscar-nominated Amy Berg, An Open Secret is a brave documentary which takes aim at and exposes the sexual abuse of children which has been occurring within Hollywood. It is a damming film which shines a light on an alleged network that implicates several major industry figures.

Throughout we hear first-hand accounts from five young actors who have come out and admitted that they were indeed victims of the industry and suffered at the hands of managers, publicists and directors all whilst under the age of consent. Including the convicted sex offenders who owned and operated the now infamous Digital Entertainment Network (DEN).

Gabe Hoffman, the executive producer has stated that “what you see in the film is literally just the tip of the iceberg” and that “for every victim that’s in the film, there are another 5 to 10 with fact-checked, legitimate accounts who didn’t want to be identified.”

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  1. where is the damn documentary?

  2. Harrah is obviously part of the problem. The simple fact is that many powerful Hollywood Icons, whether its actors, directors or the management side are Players in this Horrific Abuse of little kids and adolescents in a “Serial” manner. At this point there is simply far too many Powerful People with unlimited resources to back the play they are inflicting on Children. These monsters are so many that they actually have a voice in places such as the UN calling for the acceptance of this disgusting abuse of innocent Children. This is where it becomes necessary to begin eliminating the virus which is the Pedophile.

  3. Good documentary but the repetition of the music was driving my batty.

  4. …. for a rather recently made film, this documentary is really, really hard to find anywhere…. The “establishment” media have taken it down from just about every website on the internet…. Jeez, I wonder why…. Could it be that many of the wealthy perpetrators, still walking around today and still running Hollywood, have too much to lose ? ? ?

  5. They will escape punishment for their actions, because the consequences that they could face are not harsh enough. God always knows what He is doing. They will meet their fate one day, and it will be 10 times worse than any man made law can impose. Strength to the victims!