Anatomy of Sex

As one young couple settles down to start a family, learn how biological and evolutionary forces conspire to keep the human race running.

Our bodies work in specific, subtle ways for one reason only: making more humans. Travel inside the body to see what happens to both men and women when attraction occurs and when orgasm finally ensures the possibility of replicating ourselves.

Learn why humans are one of only 3% of all mammal species that require both a male and a female for care giving.

And discover the evolutionary significance behind the fact that humans mate front to front – when all other species prefer front to back.

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  1. This very basic.

  2. part 2

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  4. Well being bipedal certainly makes it possible for you to choose whether you’ll make the intercourse front to front or front to back. Second of all, I don’t think humans always prefered this, my guess is they didn’t in early times when they lived in caves. Bed is one thing which gives you ability to choose whether you’ll do it front to front or not, while standing, on average, people would prefer doing it front to back. That is partly because female are shorter than male on average and it makes it more difficult for a male to reach an orgasm in that position, what we call “doggy style” is more natural way of doing it.
    And not to forget that even people own beds and don’t live in caves any more, quite few of them still preferes one pose over the other, so really in modern times that missionary front to front pose isn’t that common way of having an intercourse any more.
    It’s true that emotions played the biggest part in why we switched to missionary pose, but there are also other things like, all the “interesting” parts of female/male body are on the front, so it’s another perspective on this switch decision.
    Purely emotional perspective is not reason enough and not explanatory enough to conclude why.