Ancient Drugs

Join Dr. Andrew Weil and other leading physicians and scholars in this often-surprising look at the long history of drug use in different cultures worldwide.

Since mankind’s beginning, in every civilization, human beings have found ways to alter their consciousness in search of something “greater” than everyday reality. To this end, we have indulged in and experimented with all manner of frightening, toxic, even potentially lethal substances, in many different rituals.

Ancient Drugs delves into mankind’s psyche in search of the key to our pervasive drive to experience something “beyond.” Psychologists and physicians, including Dr. Andrew Weil, world-famous author of the bestselling Spontaneous Healing, offer insight into the physical and mental mechanisms and motivations behind this universal desire. Historians and spiritualists explore the ancient rituals of cultures worldwide that have sought visions and truth through altered consciousness, and illuminate the terrifying, exquisite visions that are revealed to those who journey beyond the constraints of the conscious mind. В pin up казино ашему вниманию предлагается более двухсот игровых автоматов, среди которых вы наверняка найдете то, что вам придётся по вкусу: «Три в ряд», «Три на пять в ряд», «Копатель», «Девять открытий» и т.д. Также вы можете сделать выбор среди большого количества слотов, игр на бонусы, а также карточных игр. Ну и, конечно, не стоит забывать о старых добрых покере и блэкджеке. Вы можете играть не только на деньги, но и бесплатно, даже не регистрируясь. Благодаря этому демо режиму вы можете оценить функционал казино и решить, подходит вам это или нет.

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  1. The film does not exist, TAKE IT OUT.

  2. Excellent documentary elaborating on the history and implications of drug use past and present across the globe.

  3. More propaganda garbage about the war on liberty know as the war on drugs.  *Law Enforcement Against Prohibition* ( research shows that the rate of substance addiction is the same now as it was before prohibition was started in 1914 with the introduction of the Harrison Narcotics Act in the USA and which the USA forced on the rest of the world.  All drugs must be re-legalized and regulated for safe adult use.

  4. This is very interesting, I enjoy anything having to do with history, but this shows the old age uses of different narcotics that are no longer used today.

  5. Whoever this narrator is, he’s as prolific as he is irritating. I think his voice triggers a primitive reaction to be wary, so it’s good thing Discovery Channel uses him so often!