Ancients Behaving Badly: Alexander the Great

Alexander the Third of Macedon, his legend gives him the name “Alexander the Great” but he could also be known as “Alexander the Annihilator” due to the fact that anyone who got in his way was crushed. Alexander considered himself a god, his admirers thought of him as a military genius, his enemies referred to him as the devil.

In this film investigators decide to put Alexanders life under a microscope with a range of scientific tests, they show us how he used his weapons of mass destruction for the day the defeat his enemies, whilst a psychiatrist examines his character to uncover what drove him in his quest for world domination and what lead him to massacre thousands.

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  1. I found it scary. There once was a world that is ancient that was so scary and brutal. And yes gross. But it is what forms us today. And because of that, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  2. Weren’t they all crazy, the ancient world was really a terrible place to live. They all did terrible things to each other.

  3. I enjoyed it, not many documentaries take this slant on alexander. I find it refreashing as a whole. Nice to see it acknowledged how crazy he acted throughout.