The Anthropocene: The Age of Mankind

Humans have been trying to control nature for quite some time, and out influence has become more and more dramatic, in fact it is now so strong that following years of research and monitoring an international group of geologists are suggesting we introduce a new geological age, The Age of Mankind or rather “The Anthropocene”.

What awaits us in this new age? Through interviews with a geologist, historian and a philosopher this film attempts to answer that very question whilst also better understanding our planets current situation in terms of are we as a species destroying it or coming around to being able to maintain it in a responsible way.

Currently the influence of mankind on the Earth is so great that future generations will be able to look back thousands of years from now, examine the layers of Earth and see exactly where we left our mark. As we as a species make scientific breakthroughs the hope is that we will someday some be able to manage our planet correctly, making use of green energy and resources found in space.

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  1. I agree with Trump. This heating and cooling of the earth is a cycle. Geeesh…it’s been proven through the study of ice sample that have been taken. Come on, people

    • What a stupid and ignorant comment. You clearly don’t know the first thing about Earth cycles.
      The natural cycles, known as Milankovic Cycles, are caused by slight ‘wobbles’ in Earths axis and orbit and take thousands of years to come and go. This sudden spike in global temperature since the industrial revolution is caused by the 45% increase in heat trapping gases we have put into the atmosphere.
      There is no debate about this and there hasn’t been for decades.
      The part of the cycle we are currently in was taking us very slowly into the next ice age over the next 15,000 years or more. We were cooling at the rate of 0.2 of a degree per thousand years for the last 7000 years until around 1850 since when the temperature has rocketed by over a full degree celcius. This is 400 times faster than any natural cycle.
      Take an hour to educate yourself on the schoolboy basics and stop spewing your asinine nonsense in public you fucking idiot.
      By the way – Trump’s moronic rambling at the beginning of this video was put there to illustrate just what intelligent people are up against. Geeesh. And you ‘agree’ with him.
      You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Yes there have always been cycles, but we have accelerated it in such a way that the world and species do not have time to adapt. What should happen in hundreds or thousands of years is occurring in mere decades. Please do some research before spreading words you have heard from people who clearly have little knowledge about our earth, and have a vested interest in doing nothing on the short term. You should have learnt this at school, but if not please do some research about the subject, and not through documents funded by energy companies.

    • it is because of illiterate minds like these that nature is suffering today, these people have a sense of entitlement about them