The Anthropocene: The Age of Mankind

Humans have been trying to control nature for quite some time, and out influence has become more and more dramatic, in fact it is now so strong that following years of research and monitoring an international group of geologists are suggesting we introduce a new geological age, The Age of Mankind or rather “The Anthropocene”.

What awaits us in this new age? Through interviews with a geologist, historian and a philosopher this film attempts to answer that very question whilst also better understanding our planets current situation in terms of are we as a species destroying it or coming around to being able to maintain it in a responsible way.

Currently the influence of mankind on the Earth is so great that future generations will be able to look back thousands of years from now, examine the layers of Earth and see exactly where we left our mark. As we as a species make scientific breakthroughs the hope is that we will someday some be able to manage our planet correctly, making use of green energy and resources found in space.

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