Anvil! The Story Of Anvil

ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL is the sensitive and irresistibly funny story of unsung heroes of Canadian heavy metal Anvil. Jewish teenagers Robb Reiner and Steve “Lips” Kudlow met in the mid-seventies in a Toronto high school and soon decided that rock was their destiny. Anvil was forged. The band gained a cult following among heavy metal enthusiasts during the eighties, but never really made it in the often cruel and clueless mainstream rock circuit. Not withstanding a plethora of eager fans including Metallica and Guns ‘N’ Roses, who have frequently cited Anvil as a source of inspiration, the Toronto based outfit got irremediably swallowed by oblivion. But rocking out isn’t just a matter of attitude or luck; it is instead a vocation which Anvil never turned its back on, while patiently waiting for its call to greatness.

Director Sacha Gervasi (THE TERMMINAL) witnessed Anvil’s fall from grace directly, having worked as a roadie for the band in its heyday. Moving and hilarious, ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL documents Reiner and Kudlow’s last shot at stardom and follows them on the road during an often farcical European tour. The film’s recurring grotesque and surreal situations could see it mistaken for an attempted mockumentary, when it is nothing more than the heart-felt portrait of two stubbornly dedicated dreamers.

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  1. after seeing this i come to realize you guys are hard working down to earth people that should be making lots of money. i feel for you love you. YOU GUYS ROCK. hugs

  2. Anvil: A Hopelessly Untalented Schlemiel and a Talented Schlemozzle. Enormously pathetic.

  3. WHERE IS THE DOCUMENTARY???????????????????????

  4. Doesn’t seem to work.

  5. DOES NOT WORK!!!!!! since it doesn’t work take it down!!!!!

  6. This film, when I watched it on DVD, made me fall asleep.  A slow attempt at being another Spinal Tap – at least that’s what I got out of it anyway.

  7. Rock til your die, ANVIL FOR LIFE!

  8. Beautiful and geniune. Got tears in my eyes when it was packed in Japan at the end! Rock on, Anvil!

  9. Amazing really Happy for them !

  10. Got tears in my eyes!
    Really great Documentary.

  11. Oh man. Am I the only one that finds this whole thing is insane?

  12. Enjoyed the movie, glad you got there in Japan, watched you over the years, got some of the albums, but not all, best wishes for your futures, and the future of live rock, am 62 years old on the outside, but like yourselves, 20 years old on the inside,keep the faith, BILL OF ENGLAND MARRS.

  13. This is a beautiful story of love. Love of music, family and friends. Well done

  14.…Why in the hell do people post comments that copy, word for word, the description of the video? Why not opt for a short summary in your own words? Posting a simple, one word grading system such as “good”, “Fair”, or “poor” would be more productive. Ass.