Apocalypse: World War I

World War I brought about the sacrifice of an entire generation but could it have been avoided? How was it that such a cruel and far-reaching conflict occurred? This five part documentary series sets about answering such questions using some incredible archival footage, much of which is unseen but has all been brought to life by colour.

Apocalypse WWI takes a strategic and global approach to telling the complete tale of this war, from the relatively known Flanders and France battles, but also dives into the lesser known fronts including that of Italian-Austrian, German-Polish-Russian, Japanese-German, Ottoman Empire-Allied and African German Colonies, along with some other lesser known battles.

The narration featured really brings life to the memories and experiences of the men and women who had to endure such atrocity for four long years, and helps bring better understanding to how yesterday’s world was driven to apocalypse.
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  1. The AHC (Discovery) Opening “Crawl” made for their airing is a lot better and, I think, make the documentary much more appealing. That version really sinks it’s hooks in and draws you in. I can only find the opening crawl on YT. I’d love to find the series with this in it to buy.

  2. Very well done documentary. It’s a shame that they can’t spell February correctly: several captions spell it “Febuary”. Really. Hire an English proofreader. Little crap like this hurts your image, and makes you look amateurish.