Apollo Zero

Think about this: to date, only three countries have been able to put a man merely in Earth orbit – the United States, Russia, and China. That speaks to how difficult it is just to get into orbit. Next, consider how far away the moon is from the Earth: 240,000 miles. Since the alleged moon landings, no country even claims to have gone more than 400 miles from Earth and that was in the Space Shuttle. The International Space Station orbits at 200 miles above Earth. There is a big difference between 240,000 miles and 400 miles. Why can’t anyone make it more than 400 miles from Earth today if we could make a 480,000 mile round trip in 1969?

NASA further asserts that three men were loaded into a rocket, flew 240,000 miles to the moon and then achieved lunar orbit. They say the spacecraft separated and two astronauts flew 60 miles to the surface of the moon, in a vacuum and 1/6 Earth gravity. They then hung out on the moon for up to three days in 250 degree heat, hit golf balls, rode a moon buggy — but what powered their life support and equipment? They say BATTERIES.

They then supposedly blasted off the surface of the moon, docked with the third man going around the moon at over 4000 miles per hour, and made it 240,000 miles back to Earth. They re-entered Earth’s atmosphere going 25,000 mph, but parachutes assured a safe landing in the ocean.

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  1. He has a lot of extremely valid points, not the least of which is getting the landing module back up to dock with the command module moving at four thousand miles per hour.
    I’d long been dubious about why the engine of the lander didn’t blow dust over it’s own feet but had never thought about how the astronaut’s suits didn’t have enough hardware to keep them cool in over two hundred degree lunar heat.
    Food for thought.

  2. Great! If you don’t believe this one, there’s about 25 more you can watch &about 25 books you can read with plenty more evidence!

  3. Even tho this is an older movie, I’d still like to put in my two cents. I watched the moon landing, and grew up with Apollo. I was only about 10 years ago that I learned it was a hoax. I didn’t believe it at first, and was sorely disappointed with that news. I decided to look into it further to learn the truth. Since then, I have read & watched every thing I can get my hands on, including both views. I’m here to tell you, that if you still believe we went to the moon, research it for yourself. WE DIDNT GO. It was impossible. They kept the Manhattan Project a secret, they can keep this one too.

  4. This doc is total crap

  5. The van Allen belt, which would destroy anything we have, even our tinfoil covered washing machine drums


  7. And so to this day people still believe we went to the moon, NASA let it slip in 2015 by sitting on they’re website they have never been able to send anyone to the moon because of the radiation belt surrounding earth, this was quickly changed and was taken off they’re site #oops

    What about poor Gus Grissom he was going to come forward about this being fake as he knew, why else would he have been silenced.

    The thing that so many people either fail to notice or ignore is the fact that Aldrin and Armstrong didn’t know where to land that lunar lander, they had to find a good spot on the moon to land, thankfully they landed right in front of a TV camera the same TV camera that filmed them leaving the moon so I guess the cameraman was the first one on the moon and from the fact that he filmed them leaving the moon then I take it he must still be up there on the moon to this very day lol.

    The moon rock they brought back wasn’t a rock but petrified wood.

    No wonder Aldrins an alcoholic.

    • “The thing that so many people either fail to notice or ignore is the fact that Aldrin and Armstrong didn’t know where to land that lunar lander, they had to find a good spot on the moon to land, thankfully they landed right in front of a TV camera the same TV camera that filmed them leaving the moon so I guess the cameraman was the first one on the moon and from the fact that he filmed them leaving the moon then I take it he must still be up there on the moon to this very day lol.”

      You do realize the camera transmitted a signal to the capsule, right?
      LOL indeed.

  8. your “documentary” is bullshit.

  9. Of course Governments in power would never lie! Why would they ever collude to deceive “The World”? Throughout history they have never in the name of control, greed, power and $… Ever agreed to cooperate, falsify or fabricate such an extensive story. Everything mainstream media tells you is true. {ie Tell-A-Vision Programming} The deception and lies go so deep that most will/would be appalled when many truths comes to light. But “We The Sheeple”, are so indoctinated {education system} and it’s natural to want to reduce the cognitive disonance we experience. Those who run this world would never manufacture wars, assasinations, Create fiat currency, agree to genocide, knowingly provide debilitating/lethal vacc’s to innocent children, demolish inhabited skyscrapers, harbor fear, manipulate elections, spy on us and violate the constitution…. what’s one more deception that has procured Billions annually. And most all of those done before the space race and still occur. They can’t possibly think we’re that stupid and they’ll fool us?
    -Or do they, since they put it right in our face and laugh all the way to the bank.

  10. Thank you for this video i really enjoyed it. thank god for people like you.

  11. Appollo 11, 14, and 15 deployed a series of reflectors on the moon aimed back at earth. They cay be illuminated by laser beams aimed at them through large telescopes on earth. The beam is reflected back and provides a measurement of the distance between the moon and the earth. One of the facilities that takes this measurement is the McDonald Observatory in Texas. A worker at the facility remarked once that no-one who believes the moon landings were a hoax has ever knocked on their door to interview them. It’s because the evidence that the moon landings were real is irrefutable because there is no other way that the reflectors got there.
    The makers of this alleged documentary are fools and should just go silent along with their flat-earth comrades.

    • This argument is similar to “it happened because I saw it on TV” argument, oh well, I also saw David Copperfield fly above the audience on TV, does that mean David can fly for real?
      Reflector argument is vain and does not wash. Point a powerful laser and it will be reflected back to the source same as radio waves, besides, NASA could have placed these reflectors by robotic means as the Soviet did.

    • Exactly. The reflectors are the proof the tin foil hat wearers can’t accept. Or they mumble something about a grand conspiracy to lie about that too. Or the signals sent and received are fake.

    • They were able to do that four years before they went to the moon just by reflecting it off the surface of the moon, you can look it up.

    • Rovers could have placed the reflectors on the moon but the problem is try taking a laser and aim it a mile away and move it just slightly and watch how far off it gets now try that from 240,000 miles away and the earth is supposedly spinning thousands of mph while orbiting the sun at many more times that whatever. Fake Fake

      • And you have no idea what you are talking about. The laser beam is very wide when it reaches the moon for many reasons too complicated to explain here.

        Next we’ll hear that Martians left them up there for us to use.

  12. Er… The landing sites and debri are visible from Earth.
    You guys need proffesional help.

    • Many missions have landed equipment on the moon. But anything with a heartbeat , never returned with a heartbeat.

    • Anyone who’s lifted a spanner and has any slight mechanical understanding knows it’s not possible to build a space craft that can travel that distance,I think boing would be using this amazing technology to fly there plains for 480000miles without refueling or maintenance.oh we miraculously did the maintenance outside the craft with a couple of spanners,lol,when u look at it this way you don’t worry about all this garbage like photos etc,all that stuffs for small minded people,those with a brain just know it’s virtually impossible even with today’s technology.

    • Have U seen the landing marks or is it just some garbage U believe,if so what do I need to see it

  13. You moon conspiracy crackpots need to read a science book or take a physics class.

  14. Look, all you old morons out there and the silent generation from the 60’s who bought the NASA BS hook line and sinker, I know you did not have the capability to understand what IT TAKES by physics to get to the moon, let alone get back, but now you have every opportunity to learn about radiation and rocket propulsion through a wonderful new invention – the internet. Bottom line it’s horses##t. You have been tricked and lied to; sorry morons. We need to keep the conversation alive and once and for all put this garbage to rest, and wipe the apollo lies from the history books. WE CANNOT LEAVE LOW EARTH ORBIT NOR HAVE WE EVER BEEN ABLE TO. WE ARE WORKING ON A WAY TO DO THAT NOW. Any astronaut will tell you we are working on systems to EVENTUALLY leave low earth orbit, but will not admit that we never landed on the moon which is 238,000mi away. Sorry folks we have not solved the radiation problem yet and until we do – no manned space travel!

  15. Anyone who knows science and physics knows damn well that not only did we not go to the moon in 1969 but it was impossible to go to the moon in 1969. People really need to read and study more and not believe what they see on TV. Have you seen the press conference of the Apollo 11 crew? They have no f**cking idea what they are talking about. It’s embarrassing. Maybe it can be done in 2017, but only maybe. But a few years after Kennedy promised it? Please tell me people are not stupid enough to believe that?

    • Thank you for pointing me to this press conference. I have never seen 3 more awkward and uncomfortable looking people, who you would think would be super-excited after having made this historic moon landing adventure. They look like they are in agony, eeking out each word. I guess that’s how you look when you are guilt-ridden while lying to thousands of Americans on worldwide TV conference. Unbelievable!

  16. HA! We went to the moon like we went to Jupiter.

  17. This was a mockumentary, right? lol Who would waste their time putting out this shit? I bet the guy that did it thinks the Earth is flat, too. lol

    If you haven’t watched this piece of garbage, don’t waste your time.

  18. I was alive during the Cold War . Do you naysayers think for a moment that Russia would have let us get away with a hoax like that if the landing on the moon didn’t occur ?

    • No, but did Russia ever participate in the hoax? Not even the US supporting crew had the slightest idea what was really going on. Once the shuttle leaves your eyesight, its location can only be limited by the imagination of the people who planed its launch. In this case – they went to the moon. If Russians had already landed on the moon at this point, I’m sure NASA would have flown to Mars instead. Easily.

      • Your little paranoid world must be a dark and dreary place.

      • Kanjimanji … First off , there were no shuttles in 1969. Secondly, basically every country that had the capability monitored the event and I don’t just mean on tv, so it would be extremely implausible that they were all in on the big lie . It would have been easier to do it than to hoax it with all the prying eyes from earth. And we didn’t do it just once as u know, so keeping that level of a hoax plausible for as long as they did is highly unlikely

        • They are called war winners. No one on one side would fuck up such a giant hoax for their allies. The bigger the lie the easier it is to swallow. Besides, the same families owning the world before and after the war(s).

        • And I must reiterate the Cold War was in full swing then and both the US and Russia were in full competition mode. They would have never let us claim the honor of landing on the moon had it not happened . And as for the ground team not knowing what was going on the whole time that’s ludicrous. That was the whole purpose of them being there was to observe deviations in the flight path, systems, etc…

  19. Best documentary on the moon landing conspiracy.
    No wonder so many angry comments have been made , coz it’s easier to believe in great patriotic bullshit American lie than it is to accept the fact that your own government has been lying to you!

    • Don’t tell me Gomer, I bet you believe the Earth is flat too?

    • It’s FAR easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled! And this is the situation with every hoaxtard halfwit there has ever been. Fortunately, the reality of the Apollo missions isn’t a matter of “belief”, but of irrefutable hard scientific evidence, of which there is a staggering amount that proves beyond any doubt the Apollo mission’s veracity. Moon landing denial despite all of the evidence that shows they’re wrong, is akin to evolution denial in the face of all the truly colossal amount of evidence that proves evolution. But at least Creationists have an excuse!

  20. if bill clinton doubts it you know its true.

  21. I find it disturbing that you refer to what happened in world war 2, as the largest genocide in the history of mankind. Tragic and brutal as it was, it pales in compassion to what has taken place in Canada, and the United States when native populations are concerned. I find your lack of or ability to research something as large as this, that happened in your very own country, well, insulting to the native population that survived these genocides.

    As a researcher, you must check, and hopefully double check. This anomaly may seem minor to you, but to some, it may leave your whole viewpoint and evidence suspect. I would hope that one day, maybe you research your very own history of your country, before making such claims as the genocides in Germany.

    Other than that, I have but one question. If a flag was planted on the moon as they say, why can’t we see it through high powered telescopes? It should be visible on the surface, as we have the telescopes to see further than the moon today?

  22. Wow!
    This is truly pathetic.
    Never heard of solar cells for power?
    Never heard of the radar targets left on the moon?

    Maybe they should investigate the Humpty Dumpty murders!
    He was pushed, you know….

  23. I started to watch this so-called “documentary” just for kicks, but when it starts accusations of the Apollo I fire being an excuse to “murder” Gus Grissom, then you have seriously gone too far. All this kid has done is regurgitate other dis-proved conspiracy theorists and done any research of his own. He’s trying to prove the moon landings never happened with NO proven proof, just old text and assumptions, and yet there is proven proof of the moon landings.

    It’s very simple; when you elimnate the impossible then you go with the probables. The simplest way to shut these guys up is very easy and actually makes a mockery of these “theorists”. IN 1969 WE DIDN’T HAVE THE FILM TECHNOLOGY TO FAKE IT. Start there and disprove that. Has anyone reproduced “fake” footage using the video technology of 1969? Nope. Why? Because it can’t be done. Simple enough. Start there before you try to “disprove” anything else. Ask any filmmaker how to do it back then, and they’ll give you the same answer. It was easier and more logical to go to the the Moon and actually literally impossible to fake the footage with the technology of the day. Do your research.

    So disgusted with the lengths this film goes to discredit people that have risked their lives or died to achieve this by calling them liars. To their faces! Get a job and move out of your Mom’s basement because you have way too much time on your hands.

  24. yep ,240,000 miles (238,000 to be exact ) but how to put a 4000 tonne vehicle up there ? use a “Saturn 5” ,,a 3 stage rocket with 4 burn times ranging from 265 secs to 450 secs , developing 7 million nm of thrust (stage 1) to 1 million in stage 3 ,…to put this in context a 660 hp truck develops about 12000 nm of torque and it can pull 96 tonne at 100kmh , your average car develops 200hp and about 300nm ,.. and they used this in 1969 … as for technology ,touch buttons were used on elevators in 1932, solid state transistors and components arrived in 1953 ,IC’s in 1961, modern technology didn’t just arrive out of the blue is just a refinement of earlier designs , most of which were more than capable , yes , man actually has been to the moon ,but what actual benefit has it been ?? those countries that have done it did so because they wanted to ,having done that there is little point in the massive expense doing it again and the others couldn’t afford to so they didn’t …seems reasonable

    • There’s a renewed collective thought (mainly online) that the Earth is flat. These people call themselves, “Flat-Earthers.” I suspect they are the same ones that believe man on the moon was a hoax. People with a very vivid imagination, and W-A-Y too much time on their hands.

      • So this guys is laying out some data about the actual physics involved in the moon mission. All you talk about is the earth being flat… Is your head flat?

  25. Clinton’s comment is not clear and can be interpreted as many different things might be fraud – he should have said “I agree with the old guy, I don’t believe we landed on the moon” – comment is cryptic.

  26. Btw if we are playing the wiki-game then this guy
    who says there were no high speed cameras back then lied.
    Documented use in 1950 (19 years before 1969) Used by an engineer of the US Army.
    So that is now debunked info, next?

  27. Wow, seriously dude, I know you think you know your stuff but I have personally bounced a laser off the mirrors placed on the moon, and seen the equipment they used to do the initial trip. Benn lucky enough to examine the moon rocks from the Apologies trips, and understand the maths. It’s a little bit of a challenge to land on the moon, but not that hard. The reason more people don’t go there is that there is very little point given the cost and lack of anything of value.

    • Many people, especially online, do believe the Earth is flat. Why? Because someone told them.

      I suspect these people have no money, but are ALL owners of the Brooklyn and Golden Gate bridges. 😉

      There’s a sucker born every minute.

      • You believe the Earth is a ball. Why? Because someone told you. 3rd grade science shouldn’t conclude your research though.

        Keep your Brooklyn and Golden Gate bridges.

        There’s a sucker revealed every minute too.

    • “Do you also think the Earth is flat?” He probably does! Haha! The ignorance of basic science displayed by moon landing deniers is depressing. The way these clowns go on you’d think Apollo was claiming it landed on the surface of the Sun! It’s only the moon, it’s really not that far away, it only takes a few days to get there! It was a supreme engineering and technical challenge, for sure, but the science was well understood. And the evidence is in, there’s just no doubt about it. It’s no surprise that the ONLY people you see claiming this “hoax” horseshit are scientific lay people who clearly have little understanding of the science and technology involved. You NEVER see professional physicists, astrophysicists, cosmologists or any institutes of learning in the entire world claiming this rubbish. I wonder why!! Hahahaha!

  28. It would have been easier to just land on the damn moon than fake it.. The film tech just wasn’t there to be able to fake it. This is just some high school science kid spouting out bullshit.

    • The people that believe the moon landing was a hoax are the same people that spend their lives playing Xbox in mommies basement, smoking blunts, and trying to come up with enough change to order a pizza.

    • how dumb do you have to be to believe that 1960s didnt have enough technology to a make a black and white film yet had enough techonology to FLY A 600,000kg machine into space, flew passed a radiation belt so strong that even to this day, no machine on earth can handle such level of radiation without melting, landing the entire thing on the moon, and then launched again from the moon?? lmfao use your fucking brain for fucks sake, think of the rockets we launch for satellites nowadays, ALL THE FUCKING blast, and heat and explosions, how was that produced on the moon? from where? it takes years for a satteltite to be prepared to launch from earth, and they did it in 3 days?? in the 60s??

      next time, use your own fucking head other than repeating dumb propaganda facts you saw on a youtube video from a retarded camera nerd.

      • Truly embarrassing ignorance. And in public too! Do you hoaxtard numbskulls have no self respect?

      • “next time, use your own fucking head other than repeating dumb propaganda facts you saw on a youtube”

        I agree, though this applies to you perfectly. How about you learn what the VA belts are before you spout such nonsense. Just about everything you said there was incorrect.

  29. Uh, this isn’t a documentary. It’s bullshit.

  30. The Technology of the day allowed for travel to the moon. The Tech of the day did NOT allow for video/film to be faked. Watch this video from film/video expert.

  31. You can hear this ‘filmaker’ get nervous when interviewing Alan Bean. At 10:22 his voice wobbles. Why? Because he knows he is duping and disrespecting a hero!! A brave,brave man.
    “I worked in news!”
    Sorry kid,the school newsletter doesn’t count!! How dare you? What have you ever done?
    Shame on you.

  32. Once in space the hard work is done whether it’s 200 miles or 240,000 miles the only difference is the amount of fuel. The only reason humans have not gone back to the moon is the cost of building and maintaining the infrastructure. If the freemasons would forget about their 1,000 year old war with the Catholics and Muslims the $Trillion a year the US spends on its war machine would be more than enough to have a permanent settlement on the Moon, including specialized manufacturing and fuel production to travel throughout the solar system. We could also harvest mineral, water etc. from meteors. Instead of a total loss fighting wars on earth those resources could be making money and prosperity for everyone

  33. God told me humans haven’t been to the moon.

    • Sarcasm? Hopefully. If so, well played, Sir. If not, imaginary friends are for young children and you should seek help with that.

    • Is this supposed refute the gargantuan argument against the official versions of the Apollo missions?? You’ll have to do better than presenting some desaturated and retouched Photoshop files. I’m a graphic designer by trade and have used Photoshop for well over 15 years. Ask me what you want to see in a photograph and I’ll be able to recreate whatever fantastical scene you’ve come up with. Many thousands/millions of well-versed PS users could do just the same as well. Poor argument.

  34. this guy is fucking crazy

  35. People’s credulity and susceptibility to misinformation should have long ago stopped surprising me. According to a Gallup poll, 20% of Americans think that the Sun revolves around the Earth ( I’m only surprised that so few people are still claiming that the earth is flat.

    With that in mind, mindless debates, like over what language the Texas School Board will require textbooks to frame the Theory of Evolution (“controversial”, “needs to be examined”, “just a theory”) should hardly seem to matter. Few of the kids who attend school in Texas or anywhere else in the US will remember anything by the time they graduate. They enter as blank slates and will leave as blank slates. Our new masters will speak Chinese and Hindi.

  36. Bye the way, even though this documentary is completely unconvincing, I do believe that the moon landing was faked but not for the reasons he mentions. The astronauts actually went to the moon and afterwards photographs and other documents were faked by NASA. It is this obvious fakery that started the whole conspiracy in the first place. This documentary is way off base. The real question is why would NASA actually send men to the moon and then still fake the moon landing afterwards??

  37. I like a good conspiracy theory but this aint it. His logic is bizarre. He says that because no human has gone above 400 miles since the moon landing that the moon landing couldn’t have happened. Really??? Then he says the space shuttle has one third less power than the Saturn 5 moon rocket and “EVEN IT ” hasn’t gone past the 400 mile barrier. So what, something with less power should go where something with more power can’t go???? This is the case he builds?? I don’t know what this guy has accomplished except throughly annoy some rather good tempered astronauts and throughly annoy some others whose patience has run out.

    • his logic is sound, the 400 miles arguemnt is meant to tell you, that if your biggest achievement in the 2000s is to launch a machine of size X 200miles into space( sattelite), then its logically impossible for you to have been able to launche a machine the size of 100X 40 years earlier, and 100times further into space AND bring it back AND have humans in it AND survive he radiation for the val allen belt AND survive sun radiation AND AND AND…

      • Your grammatical errors, and misspellings (WITH FUCKING SPELL CHECK), have made your idiotic comments null and void.

      • You are replying to a post from 2 years ago.

        VA belts are no serious danger. You don’t understand radiation do you…
        you don’t understand that high speed cameras do not explain the movements on the moon, it would require an immense vacuum chamber. You can see the shit left behind on the moon. The topography in the images taken on the moon decades ago matches the topography of the mapping of the moon we have now. Would have been impossible to create then as we didn’t have any topographical mapping back then. The russians could have easily exposed a fake moon landing. The thousands of people involved with the landing could have exposed a fake moon landing. The google X moon landers will be on the moon soon. Some of the teams are aiming to land near apollo sites to beam back footage of them.

        At least try and understand the official account instead of just posting long debunked rubbish.

  38. Yikes,

    I’m surprised people still believe this stuff. I would have thought that in a supposedly educated nation, people would see that there was indeed was a moon landing. After watching this so called “documentary”, I see that there is no real evidence of a fake moon landing, just some really stupid people yelling the word conspiracy.

  39. first off has anyone touched the center of the earth to prove it’s what you say it is?
    make a theory out of that…
    second the moon isn’t that cool, so why would you make it up?

  40. There are robots on Mars. How far away is that?

  41. i like bananas

  42. This ‘documentary’ is hilarious. It’s also quite scary how many of you people will believe anything said in a youtube clip. Do you people understand what critical thinking entails at all?

  43. Publishing and featuring drivel like this conspiracy documentary and others like it cannot possibly help the credibility of this otherwise fascinating website which otherwise contains much good content.

    Sure I endorse freedom of speech and ideas. People who believe in this exploitative nonsense are free to create their own site to promote their “ideas”. If the Flat Earth Society published a “serious” documentary promoting their point of view, would this site’s editors feel obligated to display it?

  44. No truly valid points here True or False, this doc is pretty poor.

  45. Wow. Terrible. Provoking those old men. Shame on this film maker. This is slanderous.

  46. What a load of rubbish. Get another hobby, please. You are wasting everyone’s air otherwise.

  47. The internet seems to be a growing echo chamber of stupidity as these conspiracy idiots shout their insanity and it reverberates, growing, combating scholasticism, skepticism and other benefits of education.

  48. Think about this: Even a back-of -the-garage program like Mythbusters absolutely DESTROYS nonsense such as this ‘Apollo Zero’.

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