Apple’s Broken Promises

In this Panorama special the truth about Apple and your iPhone is revealed, for the first time secret filming from inside the high security Chinese factories where Apples products are made show the reality of life on the production line. What this film discovers is an exhausted work force with staff falling asleep as they work. Panorama also travels further down the supply train to find children digging for the tin that the industry needs and evidence that tin from illegal and dangerous mines is being supplied to Apple. The most valuable company in the world builds the gadgets we all love described by those inside the machine.

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  1. F Apple. Never had an iPhone, never will. There are reasons Android devices are now dominant in the market, and growing. Hopefully, this is one of those reasons.

    • I hope you realise android devices are manufactured in the same factories as Apple!! Foxcon/Pegatron manufacture Samsung, Huawei etc. Apple is just the target of the documentary because of their position in that market and their promise to do better..

  2. You saw this documentary on some device that has been produced this way,
    anyone reading this, is reading it from some device produced like this.
    And the documentary itself has been produced with equipment produced like this.

    The problem is bigger than just apple being some assholes.
    These working conditions and methods of mining is a natural
    product of the way our global economy works.

    Its quite difficult for anyone that uses technology(anyone) to avoid maintaining this sad slavery situration. It seems as if unavoidable to destroy nature in our hunt on these exquisite metals when the world is requiring it in the extent that we do. If the only choice stands between owning technology or not destroying some nature, it seems like we choose technology.

    I would like it to be different but I dont see how.

  3. I would like to say that I am surprised by the working conditions in China working for Apple, but I am not. This is just another brick in the wall for the future of corporate slave labor. I have no doubt that this is merely the tip of the iceberg that awaits everyone in an ever growing competitive future. The appalling nature of slave labor (in particular child slave labor) in itself should be enough to change the direction of where humanity is going. Since quite obviously it is not, I see only one solution. (quit having children)
    Note: The one thing I did find surprising was the long hours people were working, (16 – 18 hour days, 70-80 hrs/week) especially if there is such a huge population to draw from. For this reason alone, I see no reason why Apple could not double the work force, solving issues regarding overtime, safety, sleeping on the job, etc. Not only would this create a happier work force, (stakeholders) but it would be more productive. Of course, when you are already housing 8 people per a small room, there in lies the only problem to an obvious solution, and god only knows that they can’t cut into their profits. (stockholders)
    P.S: I am having difficulty finding any worthy virtues in any of the political paradigms the world has to offer! (and we call ourselves intelligent)

  4. Amazing documentary. I’ve always thought Apple products were too expensive and I’ve never liked Apple computers. I would not buy one of their products. I don’t own any mobile devices as I have no use for them.

    I am sure Microsoft is just as bad, if not worse, especially eugenicist Bill Gates.

    Generally, however, the people who crave all this rubbish don’t care where they come from. It’s yet another example of Man’s inhumanity to Man. Very sad.

    • “the people who crave all this rubbish don’t care where they come from” — You should think before you make such a statement. You couldn’t possibly know what these people are thinking.