Are All Men Pedophiles?

Are All Men Pedophiles? is a film directed by Dutch media producer Jan-Willem Breure which explores pedophilia, hebephilia and the notion that society is currently in a type of “pedophilia hysteria” arguing the case that there appears to be a “witch-hunt” taking place against men, viewing all males as potential pedophiles.

The movies tagline is “Eighteen Is Just A Number”, expressing the idea that all men are naturall hebephiles, meaning they are attracted to teenagers. The reasoning behind this claim is that due to low life expectancy in the past, men seem to be genetically programmed to find younger women more attractive in order to promote having children earlier in life.

The film examines pedophilia from more of a cultural and professional perspective, interviewing several experts, including neuroscientists, psychologists, sexologists and model-scouts. Contributors included neurobiologist Dick Swaab, forensic psychologist Corine de Ruiter, international model-booker Jinnah Lou Domino,and former PNVD spokesperson Marthijn Uittenbogaard.

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