Are All Men Pedophiles?

Are All Men Pedophiles? is a film directed by Dutch media producer Jan-Willem Breure which explores pedophilia, hebephilia and the notion that society is currently in a type of “pedophilia hysteria” arguing the case that there appears to be a “witch-hunt” taking place against men, viewing all males as potential pedophiles.

The movies tagline is “Eighteen Is Just A Number”, expressing the idea that all men are naturall hebephiles, meaning they are attracted to teenagers. The reasoning behind this claim is that due to low life expectancy in the past, men seem to be genetically programmed to find younger women more attractive in order to promote having children earlier in life.

The film examines pedophilia from more of a cultural and professional perspective, interviewing several experts, including neuroscientists, psychologists, sexologists and model-scouts. Contributors included neurobiologist Dick Swaab, forensic psychologist Corine de Ruiter, international model-booker Jinnah Lou Domino,and former PNVD spokesperson Marthijn Uittenbogaard.

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  1. There is no society in the world that encourages sex with children before puberty? Well, how about Muslim countries or or parts from Africa. Do your research bro! How about all those childbrides ey!

  2. call me a pedophile again, i dare you, i double dare you motherfucker…i will rape your underage daughter so bad that her asshole will remain sore for the rest of her life

    Well, this documentary only takes into account the biological factors…. You say that if we keep a male above 13 years of age in a room with a female between 12-16 years (without any repercussions for the man)..he will DEFINITELY RAPE that female. Well, that might be true…for a man with a primitive mindset (less knowledgeable, naive), bring into account the man’s experience, emotions, morality, and his hormone levels at that time…results may vary, even for the same individual at different times. Pedophilia may be a form of a disease, of maybe a person’s preference. It is morally wrong, according to our society. Hebophilia is something we never get rid of, but can be suppressed with knowledge, awareness of oneself and our environment, and by adhering to the set of rules that is our society.

    In my opinion, life’s too short to worry, fuck whatever you want, do whatever you want. Fuck a placenta for all I care, but it better not be my placenta or i’ll strangle you with an umbilical cord pluck your eyeball out of the socket and then eye fuck you till I penetrate your brain.

    • Wow, what a weird way to admit to liking children. Very creative

    • Hey, pedophile. How about I give you my address and you come try and do just that? THAT would be fun. Or even just post your real name and where you live, and stop talking small-man shit from behind your anonymity?

      • Hello james james, this is the kind of primitive mindset I was talking about. “i can fuck anyone up just show up and we’ll talk with our fists”. Fighting is primitive; it’s a sign of de-evolution. The problem is that we do not pay enough attention, maybe it was just a silly joke, but no.. You decided that it is offensive as you concentrated only on those derogatory words. And it’s not your fault that you are the way you are, yes, you can stop being an asshole anytime you want, but natural responses are something that are beyond our control, for now.

        All i wanted to say is that “This is a SHIT documentary”, and that’s my opinion.

        And yes I like to be anonymous, you saw what happened to ironman right, I like my ass shiny and chrome. I’ve heard enough news of bloggers being killed, and to be shot into oblivion because of a puny comment, now that would be a shame for me. and also try to see things from a different perspective, don’t judge a comment by it’s words, change the tone, if you can and maybe you would see a difference. If not, then come at me bro… why only stop at your address, post your social security number and your bank details online, now that would be fun.

  3. This was fucking painful to watch. Unless you want to hear a self-righteous child molester, don’t watch. The “scientific” argument he provides is is offensively weak.

  4. I come from classical communications and philosophy training at University, with a specialization in Intercultural relationships. The relevant facts here are that there are thousands of years in the genetic programming of humankind and if the lifespan was 20-30 then of course we would reproduce starting at the fertile age of 13. For various reasons, education being one of them, society has shunned mainstream sexual activity of those from 13-18 even though this is when sexual thoughts enter the brain. But what this documentary focuses on more is the attraction of olden men towards younger girls.

    The problem is that mainstream society confuses pedophilia and hebophilia. Hebophilia is seen as more normal and biological (attraction to 14-18 year olds) while pedophiles will remain shunned (attraction to girls younger than 13). Society unfortunately groups hebophiles with pedophiles, thus resulting in the title of the documentary “Are All men Pedophiles?” The logic here being men are biologically attracted to females 14-18 years old. Some males (older than 18), through environmental and societal factors, “learn” to not be attracted to females under 18. Other males do not “learn” to not be attracted to females 14-18 perhaps because there is nothing in their cultural rulebook which forbids it. That being said, there are no cultures, to my knowledge, that views sexual attraction to females under 13 as a norm.

    The two most troubling pieces for me which you might agree on (besides the general idea of exclusive pedophiles) are infantophiles and the “allowance” of pedophilia in the higher echelons of society. As this documentary explains, these pedophile groups are able to exists though Mutually assured destruction as well as blackmail.

    Overall, there is potentially good information in this documentary. It is important for people to be skeptical of whether the interviewees were truly random/staged, and how the information was collected to compile this documentary.

    4/5 *


  5. complete and utter dog sh*t

    • I see you’re finding it hard to come to terms with your own latent desire for those much younger than you.

      • ^ Fucking hilarious sarcasm

      • And I see that you are jumping to conclusions. Allow me to retort…

        Although the subject matter of this documentary is somewhat thought provoking; this is a poorly written, poorly delivered badly conceived, detritritous of a film.

        It is not only repetitive, to the point that if feels as if the film makers target audience is those with an IQ of a shoe, it was also factually incorrect – throughout he speaks of the ‘legal age in the developed world’ as being 18, which is simply not true and shows poor research.

        The entire film was border line apologetic in nature, which on the one hand serves as an ‘explanation’ as to why all men must want to abuse children – hence this imbeciles remark – and on the other hand fuels the fears of the feeble minded.

        In a nutshell… Dog sh*t

        • They were not referring to the legal age of consent. They were referring to the age (which they specified) that you legally become an adult. It is your skills of understanding that are dog sh*t my friend. Why in this case are they so flawed? Because you had a visceral emotional response to this documentary and yes I think that might be because of repressed feelings. 🙂

          • You got me – well done! I must admit, I couldn’t sit through this drivel in its entirety. I must be a paedophile after all, or is it hebophile? I’m not sure, he didn’t say it quite as many time as is necessary to sink in.

            You F*cking clown

          • Can I ask if you or I are in some way hebephilic what the issue is?

            You can call me Coco 😛

          • Ok coco, or Jan (whichever you prefer) if you want to have some form of dialogue, rather than just throwing around inflammatory accusations then i am open to that.

            At no point did i question, or challenge the subject matter of this documentary – on the contrary; if you re-read my comments above I made one comment regarding the actual topic of the film and said that I found the subject matter somewhat thought provoking.

            My argument is against its piss poor delivery; and I stand by my previous comments, this is a detritus of a film. it is badly made and poorly edited, the narration is shockingly poor and repetitive to the point of distraction, the ‘interviews’ are scripted and staged, the science is presented with little or no credentials – it is downright abysmal.

            The only emotional response induced by this complete and utter drivel was that of anger at how I will never get back the 37 minutes that I wasted listening to this buffoon repeating the same thing over and over again.

            Specifically regarding the subject matter, my opinion – for the record is this – I have no opinion. I do however believe that if you are going to take it upon yourself to make a film with such an emotive title you need to work much, much harder.

            Watch The Hitch, a proper documentary film, rated in the high 9’s. Disregard the subject matter of both but compare the two, then report back.

          • Already seen The Hitch and read the book and also his wonderful work God Is Not Great. Christopher Hitchens was my favourite person in the world.

            I was messing with you. Which in tone to me seemed clear, so it became fun poking you again when you took it so seriously.

            Was the documentary perfect? Nope. But this and others like it need to be made so we can become a society who are actually helping protect our children and not making things worse while we demonise innocents. The fact it exists was wonderful for me so I was a lot easier on it than you I guess. 🙂

            People are attracted to children, people do harm children that are not even primarily peadophilic. The form that most heterosexual men find attractive is that which is closest to the form of a recently sexually mature female. We all value youth. Demonising these traits is making the world a more dangerous place for our young people and children.

            You were the second person in this comments section to attack the film in an inaccurate way, so I jumped on you but again I was pushing your buttons, not making a serious accusation. I don’t know you and wouldn’t seriously pretend to.

            Writing it off a “dog sh*t” (and you didn’t explain why at the time) made it seem to me and others like you didn’t support it’s message. I am surprised an intelligent person like yourself couldn’t see that. So now you have told me you do find it thought provoking. Cool, you might have elaborated at the time. 🙂

  6. Once one researches the background and history of Breure, it becomes far more easy to fathom his need to create this abomination trying to pass itself off as a documentary.

  7. The feeling i get when watching this documentary. Shock, pure disgust, anger and wanting to vomit. Especially when the pedos talk. Dont bring wine, bring your kids! WTF!! Trust no one!

    • A good documentary makes you rethink your assumptions about the world. This one does that, even if in the process some uncomfortable truths emerge. I don’t see this as a fig leaf for what’s clearly abuse (pedophilia), but as an exploration of part of the natural state of being a sexual human being and whatever it may entail.
      All throughout history we humans have had a strange relationship with sex, alternating between acceptance and taboo, and I for one am glad someone had the balls to raise the issue of whether it is fair for men to be cast as automatic threats to children.

    • We can “trust” you to be reactionary and juvenile.

  8. The pseudoscience spewed during this film is sickening. The attempt at using evolutionary psychology to explain away perversion is a low mark. This film simultaneously asks us to see men as pitiful victims to society while the whole time talking about how “in the past” men having sex with girls would have been seen as perfectly fine. And then, as if to show how much they really despise women in general, they think they need to make the point that women can be pedophiles as well. So because 3% of women could be pedophiles we should look at all people as pedophiles? Really? And to claim pedophilia is no different than homosexuality is simply ludicrous. Even using their own pseudoscience, it makes no sense – either biologically or evolutionarily. I can’t believe I wasted an entire hour of my life on this drivel.

    • In accordance to the laws of evolution, once a girl is menstruating, her body is preparing itself for a potential pregnancy. Hebephilia is totally normal.

      I am attracted to girls between 12 and 18 the most.

    • Unlike you they were separating paedophilia the “crime” from paedophilia the “philia” as in sexual desire or preference. At no point did the film say molesting innocents who cannot give consent is okay. They said in some cases the desire is innate and unavoidable. Hebophilia is what largely is concentrated on here, which is the desire for recently sexually mature females. But it still did not endorse having sexual intercourse with adolescents without consent. No what it was doing was being honest about desire and sexual preference so the debate can be opened up, perhaps so we might be more aware of the dangers and protect children. Take the outrage, misrepresentation and anger down a notch and maybe think rationally for a second. I wasn’t aware of any glaring pseudoscience as you claim.
      The documentary you have described is not the one I saw.

      • Hoeby, Thank you. Far too many comments are coming from people that have obvious personal issues that prevent them from being able to pay attention to the important parts of this uncomfortable subject. Their desperate need to try to claim a moral high ground puts them firmly in the “torch and pitchfork” mob.

  9. I am not American but your prejudice is noted. Amazing how you are constantly wrong about everything isn’t it. I do understand that you don’t wish to continue fighting a losing battle though.

    Time to re-evaluate your choices.

  10. Yes you comment so everyone will ignore you and mind their business. Sorry mate, you’re commenting to garner attention (now you have some) and you’re using the work of others to do it. Yes many of us recognise this, others might fear you’ll do that to their comments too. So identify your sources you entitled, parasitic, narcissistic sad excuse for a human being.

  11. As you are not known by everyone in the world your use of the term “everyone” is I assume limited to your mom. I am glad your mom supports you in what you do but for the rest of us please identify your sources. Cheers. 🙂

  12. Mate it matters that you tell people if it’s copied from elsewhere or it makes it look like you wrote it. That my friend is plagiarism:

    noun: plagiarism; plural noun: plagiarisms
    the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.”
    Above is from Google dictionary.
    You see how that’s done.

    If they are all copied from the web they are not your comments.

  13. Thanks for posting this here but next time perhaps state this is copied from Wiki and not your own comment.