Are My Fake Breasts Safe?

Former Miss Great Britain, Gemma Garrett, investigates how she and some other 50,000 British women ended up with toxic breast implants made by the French company PIP.

After her own implants ruptured and the silicone pieces had to be tweezered out, Gemma wants to know not just what the long-term effects will be on her body, but also why such high numbers of women remain so desperate to make their breasts larger, and what risks they face as a result.

Can they be confident about the other products on the market, or even breast surgery itself?

As Gemma explores the implant industry as a whole, she meets the first woman to ever have them and some of the women with PIPs now terrified they have been left with ‘ticking timebombs’ in their chest. And with her own experience still painfully raw, Gemma challenges a friend who is still dead set on having implants, but is a boob job really the best way to boost her assets?

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