Are We Real

There is a fundamental chasm in our understanding of ourselves, the universe, and everything. To solve this, Sir Martin takes us on a mind-boggling journey through multiple universes to post-biological life. On the way we learn of the disturbing possibility that we could be the product of someone elses experiment.

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  1. Unable to sign up

  2. Terrifying creationist propaganda, subtle, cleverly portrayed and utterly nonsensical religious rubbish. Beware

  3. We are all one eternal energy living a brief experience in these vessels we call self.
    We are all that is, has and ever will be.
    We are not insignificant we are everywhere and everything all at once and all that is separate!
    God is everything and everyone.
    But the two are not seperate.
    God is the artist and the artwork.
    They are indistinguishable.

  4. We’re all just part of a VERY buggy program running on an overclocked, overheating, and VERY much malfunctioning Pentium 4 processor. It’ll self-destruct soon. There’s nothing to fear. The artificial intelligence was kinda cool though. Almost seemed real there for a minute. Especially the orgasms and kidney stones. ‘They’ should about have ‘Earth 2.0’ ready to boot-up. I hope ‘I’m’ an eagle in that one.

  5. Did anyone realize what this means? This answers the proverbial questions… What’s the meaning of life. And is there a God. Obviously the meaning of life is to appreciate the universe. And if there were no inteligent life to do so. The universerse would be a complete waist of time and space as a whole. And. Obviously there is a God. Because even if God is nothing more than the laws of physics, or the laws of nature, or the laws of mathematics. These laws still guide our universe. Which means these laws guide everything we interact with, everything we are, and ultimately these laws created us and everything around us. Which is in definition our God. No matter how we stack it up. Ladies and gentlemen Its hard for me to believe what I’m saying to you. But it does seem to be a fact.

  6. The cosmic joke is laughing as we speak, listen carefully enough and you will hear it. I met a scientist few nights back in my dream who tried everything to prove that the dream was real, i woke up and never heard from him again.

  7. so, our entire understanding of the universe and the “truth” it unfolds is based on a bunch of theories??cmon, we re so unbelievably insignificant to believe that what we know is the truth!!!

  8. and btw, if this is all a game don’t you feel sill using the title Sir Martin? Who never existed and made you think you exist as a royal entity? (joke)

  9. If we are some advanced being’s 6th grade science project then i don’t want to know about it.
    HOWEVER, it does make sense…..better than the stupid multiverse idea. That’s wrong. The game of life proves that when pieces are misplaced life ceases to exist so if we played that game in an alternate universe it would show the opposite? No matter where you put the pieces it forms a bart simpson head and then explodes the game board into oblivion…..yup and every other possible configuration too. DOH! i don’t think so. But what do i know? I like the idea that the game (us) is figuring out what we are just like the Matrix. We work too hard for life to be meaningless. So, we either stop working hard or evolve beyond our 6th grader god who left us in the back of his closet and forgot we were expanding……GULP. revenge is a dish best served cold. cool

  10. The purpose of life is for life to give life to life, unto Eternal Life , with the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ who fulfilled the Royal Law in absolute perfection in time and eternity.. There is no reason for this mathematical or philosophical. it just IS, absolute. Absolutely absolute! Life finds a way..

  11. Who created the laws of the universe. complex and immutable? Intelligently designed to be able to support. life., this is obvious, because we are alive.Miracles do happen, too. Leaving the laws of the universe, not quite immutable..This leads to intelligence that chooses. when the laws of nature work like they almost always do, and when they don’t. Healing a withered hand, is no small feat of genetic engineering, if fact it would require a total mastery of DNA. so that being said, Authentic Christianity has clearly explained this. explaining the purpose of life.The Command of God is Life Eternal. which is purely spiritual life, and without the material universe, as we know it today.The command of God is the prime directive. ala Star Trek.Jesus Christ knew His Father’s command. This Command is further refined in clarity, by the Vision Jesus Christ gave to His Church , so that the people do not perish, ( spiritually), as we will all die physically. Love God and serve Him alone, live by His Word and not bread alone, do not tempt God. These Words are the very will of the Only Holy One spoken plainly by Jesus Christ.Obey these commands and the relationships of God to man, man to his fellow man, and man’s spiritual nature to his physical nature,.maintain the spiritual life they contain, This is further clarified by a special revelation to St John in the Revelation, which describe the consequences of disobedience t o the Command of God., which are the great whore, beast and dragon. The effect of these 3 desolate the spiritual life in the 3 relationships that contain spiritual life. This is a process that starts with the great whore, ( mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth), which cause man to life for bread alone, and accept occult/dragon spiritual power.I you serve yourself, ( present world warrior culture) you enter into the great whore, if you live for bread alone, you build the beast, ( economic system), if you accept the mark of the beast and it’s required occult worship, you tempt God.; his is abomination of desolation, if you understand why you cannot kill a dead horse, it has to be alive, you will understand why this definition of the abomination is the precise and Truthful explain of what Jesus Christ and the [prophet Daniel spoke of.. He who has ) spiritual life ) will be given more( Eternal Life) a gift). He who has not) abomination of desolation ) will loose even that which he has( his existence( which has spiritual life,) The speculators will never come to the end of rhe Mendalbraut series.They will never come to an end in their speculations.

  12. Anyone who blindly criticizes this without any factual content is a moron. Simple.

  13. I believe there is potential for the human brain. Size may not have anything to do with it, but there are portions of the brain that we still have no idea about and some parts are dormant.

  14. my big question is why we choose to live on a sphere which as a start and a end
    just like time start and end
    but everything else out there seem to be infinite why not be on a infinite plane
    no we seem to be comfortable on something that starts and ends
    but the truth might be something entirely different but our brain synapse will only accept
    what we can control.
    i think we are limited by our physical and will never understand the truth as we will not
    be able to accept it.

    • If your asking why don’t we currently try settle ourselves on other planets, I don’t think we have the capabilities of living on the cold moon, living on the deadly planet of mars which has a temperature of -87 to -5 degrees C
      As our universe expands, and yes we have been proving it to expand, so does our technology. Some of this isn’t suit for other planets well at the moment. If anything we more then likely will colonize the moon. We would get a further look at the universe and we can survive for shorter periods of time there. However, between gravity, temperature and possible asteroids, we have an extremely low probability chance of survival on other planets. That is most likely the reason we havnt left the earth much. We wont survive at the moment.

    • good point. speaking of bathtubs, check out the ever expanding bubbles next time you take the plunge. if that’s not infinite and mathematical nothing is. it’s almost creepy if you look too hard. so don’t go overboard. haha

    • Please put down the lighter and step away from the Bong!

  15. loveing the fable footage ^_^

  16. … further and more in-depth publications about the ‘simulation theory’:

  17. Sir Martin Rees looks like a physicist model.

  18. it might be because im stoned, but this is the most interesting documentary ive seen since the last time i got stoned and watched interesting documentarys

  19. “its been past down in our jeans…’ lol!

  20. Oops!  I forgot to check “Subscribe to all comments by email”!

  21. So, we could all be like Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Total Recall”, where he sits in a chair on Earth and becomes somebody else living on Mars, who doesn’t know he’s sitting in a chair on Earth.  If this is just a fancy video game, I think I’ll want my quarter back.

    But the real problem, which I’ve never seen addressed in these sorts of conversations, is that physicists say that any phenomenon exists only as a set of probabilities until it is observed…so can a universe exist without an observer?  Can a virus, for example, “observe”?

    No matter how you slice it, it seems to come down to “consciousness”, whatever that is.

  22. The thing is there is a total explanation for somethings  & then their is know explanation.THE THING IS  INSTEAD OFF LOOKING OUT IN THE UNIVERSE FOR ANSWERS & WE HAVENT BEEN THEIR.We should look in our own back yard.The bang is a load off crap,They havent even been too the bottom off the ocean let alone out in the universe, So I really think earthling should start at home, First instaed off trying too figure out whats happerening out their.i do want the name scientist changed too solutionists,because sciencetists are a digrace too man kind,Not all but alot,,MAN & WOMAN KNOW A LOT OFF KNOWLEDGE WITH OUT STUDING,iTS BEEN PAST DOWN IN OUR JEANS ,only iff the earthlings that think tghey know it all listened mabey we might be further than we have been,anyway i have some good evidence FOR EARTH TOO SEE ENJOY BUT REMEMBER WHAT YA WILL SEE WILL CHANGE YA,ANYWAY ENJOY

  23. This is part of a series called “What we still don’t know”. A great series, where science and technology meet philosophy.

  24. These guys don’t understand what infinity implies.

  25. Why is science so affectionately avoiding the possibility of a First Cause?

    Where did the Laws of Nature come from?
    Where did the multiverse come from?
    In Norway we have a saying; to walk around the porrigde, i.e. to not come to the point, avoiding the obvious. Doesn’t smell like science to me.
    -Oh, no! Not the Creator again! Quick! Create some other universes! Or even simulate ours!
    It is getting ridiculous. Even simple rules comes from somewhere, no?
    Aristotle already talked about the Cause of causes. But then again – what could cause a first cause?

    • Because it doesn’t actually explain anything. Or in other words One can not get any useful information how to interact with the world successfully by deciding to believe that there is already an all around explanation to everything and that further gaining of knowledge is therefore unnecessary.

      • Also: we have found the answer to hundreds of thousands of questions over thousands of years and not ONCE has the answer been God. Its always physics of some kind. If we all just said “Oh its God!” then we wouldn’t know about physics in the first place. People are eager to criticise science, yet if science were wrong their cellphones and microwaves wouldn’t work. Technology works because science is good at finding truths. First it gets it wrong, then it gets it less wrong and eventually it gets it right. That’s called Scientific Method.

  26. loved this. it kept freezing at 37:23 though

  27. If this reality could be in a computer program then the computer running that program could be part of an even bigger program in a bigger computer. so where does it end . if we develop computers in the future that can simulate more universes then they will eventually contain simulated computers doing the same add infinitum… I feel sick 

  28. conceiled creationism. 

  29. I almost stopped watching this documentary until I found out that John Conway was in it.  From Surreals to Life, this man is awesome.

  30. if i look for it i will find it